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— Message from President —

As a young and vibrant university, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, or CUHK (SZ), is committed to creating new knowledge with innovative thinking, while preserving and promoting traditional Chinese culture. We hope, through excellence in teaching, research and knowledge transfer, we may contribute to higher education across the nation and groom future generations of university graduates who are international in outlook, learned in the disciplines they follow, upright in character, and committed to serving the needs of society.

We model our management on the excellent system developed over years of experience in The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). The President, under the leadership of the Governing Board, is responsible for the running of the University. The University is to be managed democratically, to foster an academic environment not burdened by unnecessary restrictions and hindrances. Our teaching staff will be recruited globally, from among academics of the first rank, to ensure excellence in research and teaching. We adopt the collegiate system and have general education in the undergraduate curriculum; these are the hallmarks of CUHK education. Both traditions encourage the all-round development of students. We emphasize innovation and creativity among our students, and shall develop fields of study that combine different disciplines and are poised at the cutting edge of human knowledge.

Education is not merely the transmission of knowledge and skills. We put ultimate emphasis on developing students’ ability to think and make independent judgments. We shall also strive to ensure that students are conscious of their responsibility to society and to the nation, guided by a sense of ideals, and seeking to understand global issues. With this in mind, we will be able to nurture the new generation of leaders who are steeped in the Chinese cultural tradition while possessing an international outlook.

The founding fathers of The Chinese University of Hong Kong were inspired by a mission to revitalize the nation, and the same desire is motivating us today as we build CUHK (SZ). At the time when the development of China amazes all in its magnitude and pace, we shall be firm in our resolve, and march with courage and faith, towards the realization of our goals.

——The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen President Office
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