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[Invitation] Shaw College Wine Tasting Class

  • 2017.10.18
  • Event
welcome to our wine tasting

Dear Shaw Students,

There is long history and profound knowledge in wine culture. Wine is the avatar of premium and elegance, and the combination of fashion and wisdom. Wine has become an essential symbol of socializing in the modern era. Therefore, it is necessary for a wine enthusiast to have some basic knowledge about wine tasting. Do you know how to hold the glass correctly? What about the appropriate steps to taste wine? Next Friday, the College will invite Miss Liu Xi, a gorgeous wine taster, to give a lecture on wine tasting.? You can learn the knowledge while tasting the wine on site. Please come and enroll ASAP!

Time: October 20, 2017 (Next Friday), 15:00—17:00

Venue: F302, Shaw College

Enrollment deadline: October 18 (Next Wednesday), 23:00

The quota is 50 and enrollment is on a first-come-first-serve basis. Please scan the QR code to enroll.


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