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Academic Seminar | Why does Economists and Computer Scientists need each other

  • 2018.01.19
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You are cordially invited to the seminars to be delivered by Prof. Yang Yu of Tsinghua University from 14:00-15:00 on Wednesday, January 24, 2018.

Topic: Why does Economists and Computer Scientists need each other

Time & Date: 14:00-15:00, January 24, Wednesday

Venue: Room 109, Zhi Xin Building

Speaker: Prof. Yang Yu

????????????? Tsinghua University

Abstract: Computer science has played significant roles in the current economy. The tools and methods developed in the CS society have been broadly used in many industries and businesses. However, beyond providing the tools and methodologies, can computer scientists do anything more for the future economy? On the contrary, economic researches also inspire the CS studies. For instance, the auction theory now attracts many top computer scientists’ attentions. In the future, is there any new opportunities for the economic thoughts to enter the CS society? In this talk, I would like to discuss the future of the interdisciplinary research opportunity for the economics and computer science. I hope that our discussion can figure out a more comprehensive scope and profound insights for the theory develop of the CS-ECON interdisciplinary studies.

Biography: Yang Yu is Assistant Professor of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Information sciences (IIIS) in Tsinghua University. Before joining the IIIS, he got his Ph.D. from Stanford University.? His research interests cover a wide range of topics in energy systems and markets and smart grid, with a focus on the environmental effects of the interactions between energy policy, market design, and energy system’s physical features. His research on the marginal cost of wind power and the market power won the “2015 Dennis J. O'Brien USAEE/IAEE Best Student Paper Award” at the USAEE Conference. In the same year, his research on incompatibility between the current transmission congestion policy and wind power uncertainties won the “2015 Annual Best Student Paper Award” at the IAEE Conference. In 2016, Dr. Yu received the “Best Paper Award” from the U.S-China Green Energy Summit for his study that demonstrates how China’s renewable priority dispatch policy will weaken the capability of wind power to reduce CO2 emission and the effectiveness of a carbon tax.

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