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Why Talent Come in Waves

  • 2016.10.21
  • Event
【Chinese Culture Colloquium 】 Why Talent Come in Waves

Topic:?Why Talent Come in Waves

Speaker:?Professor Wang Fan-sen
Date:?October?21,?2016, Friday

Time:?16:15- 17:30


Speaker Profile:

Prof. Wang is Distinguished Research Fellow at the Academia Sinica Institute of History and Philology. His research area is the intellectual and cultural history of modern China. By modern, he means the period from the 16th century to the early 1950s.

Prof. Wang is a prolific scholar. His publications include Fu Ssu-nien: A Life in Chinese History and Politics (Cambridge University Press, 2006), several monographs, and one hundred research papers.


No modern literary guru in the UK has ever buried themselves in books. Instead, they attend numerous parties or banquets. Question: How can they achieve so much? Answer: They team up and it’s the esprit de corps that boosts their research level. Trough endless colloquy, one may dig out treasures from a bunch of great minds. This is the scheme behind?“a fulcrum to prop up the Earth”.

Our speaker will unravel the mystery of why great minds don’t come alone through analysis of several thought provoking issues, including but not limited to lead runner and the rest of contestants, models effect, Chinese golden era in the 30s, T.S. Eliot and E. Pound as well as other controversial issues centering around Chinese culture icons.

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