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讲座预告|| 科研经验分享会 Research Experience Sharing Session

  • 2018.10.09
  • Event
Three students at SSE,Zhang Guilin, Lyu Yiwei and Yoseph Kurnia Soenggoro, will give a sharing session on Research Experience this week on Thursday, October 11. Students at CUHK(SZ) are invited to attend. Speaking language will be English. 来自理工学院的学生张贵麟,吕懿惟和Yoseph Kurnia Soenggoro(印度尼西亚)将于本周四(10月11日)就科研经验做一场分享会,欢迎永利网上真人游戏的学子们参加。演讲语言将为英文。

Dear All


You are cordially invited to the Research Experience Sharing Session delivered by Zhang Guilin, Lyu Yiwei and Yoseph Kurnia Soenggoro from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm, October 11, Thursday.


Topic:?Research Experience Sharing Session

Time & Date: 19:00-20:00, October 11, Thursday

Venue: Room 102, Teaching B


Zhang Guilin: SSE Student, 2015 Cohort

Lyu Yiwei: SSE Student, 2015 Cohort

Yoseph Kurnia Soenggoro: SSE Student, 2016 Cohort



First, I will introduce the Lab I stayed at CMU and the work we have done during the summer. Second, I will give some hints for finding summer research internships. Third, I will give photos to show campus life at Pittsburgh.

-------Zhang Guilin

I’m a senior student major in EIE at CUHKSZ. In 2018 summer, I received two offers of summer research program with full scholarship. One is from Duke University REU (Research Experience for Undergraduate), and the other is from Carnegie Mellon University RISS (Robotics Institute Summer Scholar). I will share my experience on summer research program application preparation.

This sharing session will start from the introduction of summer research programs, discussing the features of a good research program. Secondly, I will talk about how to choose the proper program and prepare for the application documents, including some techniques on how to contact the professors, how to write PS/CV, etc. Lastly, my successful experience of application will be shared with the audience.

------- Lyu Yiwei

Germany is an academic powerhouse, which invests heavily on engineering education and research in universities. One of the university is TU Dortmund and it has built partnership with CUHK Shenzhen, such that CUHK Shenzhen students are able to participate in their International Summer Program (ISP). Within this program, there is an independent research project, which exchange students can participate in and gain some experiences. In this talk, I will share my experience conducting an individual research in TU Dortmund last summer.

------- Yoseph Kurnia Soenggoro




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