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A Sharing of Tales :Dual Branding Strategy

  • 2019.01.24
  • News
On the evening of January 21, 2019, RSADC was honored to have Dr. Howard Pong Yuen LAM in Tales Sharing.

By taking Minute Maid as an example, he talked about the dual branding strategy with students. Every newborn baby has his own given name and surname. Similarly, each new product has its given brand name and parent brand name. Different given brand names can share the same parent brand name while a parent brand name may include any given brand names. For example, “Minute Maid” is a “Parent Brand Name” which means good juice source, showing consumers that it’s a drink of juice. “Orange pulp juice” is a “Given Brand Name”, meaning its orange juice.

When the orange juice product first appeared, it featured its given brand name in the advertisement, emphasizing on "juice drink with added orange pulp". Since there were some knockoffs of "orange pulp juice", the parent brand name “Minute Maid” was promoted to better underline the brand of the new product. Therefore, the advertisement goes like, "Not all orange pulp juice is called Minute Maid. The mouth loves it and the body loves it." In addition, Dr. LAM kindly mentioned that the brand trademarks belonging to other people (business) must not be used without their agreement, otherwise it will constitute trademark infringement!

Many aspects should be taken into consideration when making the decision of a brand name. Products with a suggestive or associative brand name are more likely to be liked by others. For example, "Rejoice" is associated with "softness and smoothness". Even though consumers haven’t used it, they already have shining hair in their mind. The success of the brand is inseparable from the wisdom of sales skills. At the end of the lecture, Dr. LAM made a summary: If the market leader has no pulp, you have pulp. If the market leader has 500ml, you have 450ml. If the market leader has 1.5L, you have 1.25L. If the market leader uses an industry bottle, you use a proprietary bottle. If market leader copies you, you know and give it a hard time! It is challenging to challenge a market leader!


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