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21 Days Running Program Ⅱ

  • 2019.03.22
  • News
Diligentia “21 Days Running Program” (Season 2) was actively joined by faculty members and students. Although 21 days were not long, we still hope the activity can help participants foster a good habit and embrace the morning sun.

The team leaders of the programme made an operation flow chart to illustrate how to use the punch in a mini-program on WeChat and sports software to take records every day. The tasks not only encouraged team members but also increased the efficiency of exercise. Every morning at 6:50, participants warmed up under the archway of Diligentia College. It was?a beautiful scenery when team members went jogging on campus.

Shenzhen was in its rainy season during the first week of the programme: it was wet and cloudy. However, the unpredictable weather did not restrain people’s enthusiasm. Still, participants started to run at 7 o 'clock under the rising sun. If some failed to join the morning running due to exams or illness, they would make up running record later and send screenshots into the group chat to punch in and share.

What was it that made them stick to the end of the programme? In addition to the charming scenery and their determination, friends’ company also counted. In rainy days they waited at the door of the gym while in sunny days they ran together in the light of dawn. There’s also a little surprise from the College as "sunshine supply (morning breakfast)". The morning sun seems much brighter because of each other’s company. Although the morning running programme is over, keep exercising and maintain a healthy lifestyle are still necessary. The end of the programme is a new start to the next.

Hope all of us can embrace the morning sun every day.


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