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CUHK (SZ) Took Part in the 16th China Hi-Tech Fair

  • 2014.11.19
  • News
CUHK (SZ) Took Part in the 16th China Hi-Tech Fair

With the theme of “Innovation and Green Growth”, the 16th China High-Tech Fair showcased China’s latest innovations. On November 16th, the?Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, displayed its scientific achievements made by its Robotics and Intelligent Technology Lab. The display includes a calligrapher robot, a heavy-duty omnibearing automated navigation vehicle, a tree-climbing robot, a single wheel robot, a pet-caring robot and an enhanced micro hybrid power-training system. The exhibition reflected the advantage and strength that CUHK (SZ) has on scientific research and innovation.

?Up to July 2014, CUHK (SZ) has finished helping the setup of a Robots and Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering Lab for Shenzhen. The lab is dedicated to the robot study field (space robot, special robot on security safeguard, intelligent community service robot, and industry robot & automation equipment, etc.) The establishment of the laboratory is expected to make great contribution to the development of the intelligent technology in the Pearl River Delta Area.

(Translated by LEI Jinsha)

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