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Forum on Robots and Intelligent Systems

  • 2016.01.29
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Forum on Robots and Intelligent Systems

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen (“University”) hosted a forum on Robots and Intelligent Systems: Forefront Issues and Challenges on January 20, 2016.?

Guests and representatives from the academic and industry world participated in the event, including but not limited to President Yangsheng Xu of the University, member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (“CAS”), Wen Gao, member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (“CAE”) and Vice Director of National Natural Science Foundation of China, Dianyuan Fan, CAE member and professor of Shenzhen University, Youlun Xiong, CAE member and professor of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Minggao Zhang, CAE member and research fellow of the 22th Institute of the Ministry of Information Industry, Caizi Wang, CAE member and professor of Harbin Institute of Technology, Tong Shuk Yin David, CAS member and professor of the University, Shenghua Ye, CAE member and professor of Tianjin University, Jianrong Tan, CAE member and professor of Zhejiang University, Zhijie Chen, CAE member and a director of China Air Force Equipment Research Institute, Weihua Gui, CAE member and professor of Zhongnan University, Aiguo Fei, CAE member and professor of China Air Force Equipment Research Institute, and Bangkui Fei, CAE member and senior engineer of Beijing Information Technology Institute. Longgang District officials also attended the forum.

Wen Gao hosted the morning session and Jianrong Tan kicked off the event by delivering a speechIntelligent Manufacturing and Robotics Applications: Key Technology and Development, where he predicts that the third industry revolution may be around the corner thanks to technological transformations triggered by big data, intelligent manufacturing and mobile network in the context of the impactful contribution of information technology to social and economic development. The so called Industry 4.0, a technology revolution pioneered by information technology, will influence manufacturing in digitalization, intelligence, personification and greening.

Mr. Tan also proposes that the core issue in manufacturing is to construct and cash in on knowledge database. Manufacturing is intended to elevate our overall industrial chains, and it is a service based on a value chain. Later, Bangkui Fan spoke aboutThe Development of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems.

Professor Aiguo Fei chaired the afternoon session, where Professor Shafei Wang, Xiaoping Chen, and Yongjian Liu presented speeches onElectronic Warfare Technology Based on Artificial Intelligence,Sense and Action: Challenges to Computer Paradigms from Service Robots, andAnalysis on the Need for UAV Autonomy.

Academicians and guests engaged in a deep discussion on the opportunities and challenges facing Robots and Intelligent Systems to promote the relevant technology research and industrial development.

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