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2016 Muse Orientation

  • Shiyue Dong
  • 2016.9.5
  • News
September 2, 2016 The orientation of Muse College was held as scheduled in Room F301 at Shaw College. President Xu, Vice-President Ruan, the principle of the Muse College -Prof. Pan Wenan as well as many other teachers attended the orientation. In addition to speeches given by President Xu and the teachers, impressive performances by students and an exquisite evening dinner made this orientation wonderful. All Musers were able to fully enjoy a lively and tasty banquet, displaying their exuberant spirit and high enthusiasm.

September 2, 2016

In addition to 196 freshmen students of Muse College in CUHKSZ, a large number of important faculty attended Muse College’s first orientation. These faculty include President Xu, Vice-President Ruan, the principle of the Muse College and Assistant Dean of SSE - Prof. Pan Wenan, Prof. Wang Lidi and Prof. Zhang Jieying from HSS, Assistant Dean (academic) of SME – Prof. Wang Jian, as well as Muse College teachers Li Xialing, Jiang Lili, Zou Yawen, and Mao Lei.

Unlike the academic knowledge that is taught in school, colleges are more like warm families that we can rely on without worry and be more carefree. With the first orientation, all new elements of school life – the seemingly normal dorm, the seeing roommates for the first time, and encountering teachers who appear like strangers – all began to build up Muse College’s own unique culture and traditions. As the newest and smallest college in our university, each part of Muse College’s orientation fully embodied a sense of newness and enthusiasm, while also reflecting a vision for a bright future.

Orientation began with a speech by President Xu. President Xu gave a warm welcome and showed gratitude to the freshmen for choosing CUHKSZ. He also wished all of the freshmen to enjoy their coming college life.

The principle of Muse College -Prof. Pan introduced students to the culture of the college and described his plans and hopes for Muse College.

Vice-President Ruan and students have a cordial conversation


Lively and jovial Prof. Yeh talked with and charmed the students with his own personal charisma.

Taking the first step in learning English- talking with foreign teacher Mark in English.

In addition to having conversations with teachers in groups, the students in Muse College also gave us some splendid talent shows, making the orientation banquet a feast for all senses.

From rock music to lyric music, from solo to duet, our fellow students performed their best. Their voices that filled the air were impressive and unforgettable, eliciting continuous rounds of applause.

However, the feeling of happiness is often transient. Muse College’s first orientation quickly came to an end with the host’s announcement. Although students might be unfamiliar with the concept of “college”, we believe that everyone at the orientation could feel the warmth of and colorful college life that Muse College has to offer. We wish that all Musers will be able to increasingly experience the harmony and warmth offered by the Muse College community, and we hope that Muse College will thrive and grow under the efforts of both students and teachers.



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