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2016 Muse College Santa Gifts Exchange Party

  • Dongli He
  • 2016.12.19
  • News
As Christmas was coming, the entire campus was decorated with Christmas ornamentation. In order to create an authentic Christmas atmosphere, staff from Muse college had well planned an original Santa gift exchange party for Muse students. With elaborately decorated by Muse College staffs, gifts of students who had signed up for the activity in advance were waiting for their new owners. Even though it was slightly cold, students wearing in Santa hats still had satisfied smiles on their faces.

16 December 2016


On the Christmas day, the first Santa Gift Exchange Party of Muse College took place in the vestibule of Shaw College Building C. The weather that day was so changeable that lots of students put on their cotton-padded clothes. However, it didn’t dampen their enthusiasm for participating in the activity. During the preparation on the spot, many students arrived ahead of schedule. They wore Santa hats given out by the staffs and wrote their Christmas and New Year wishes on the photo wall.

?While the hosts of party?who wore Santa cloaks and beard were singing?the Christmas carol, Santa Gift Exchange Party began with comperes’ warm welcome remarks.

The first part of the activity was also the most anticipated and exciting part— the secret gift exchange. To make the activity much funnier, students would draw lots in pairs. Students who drew the larger one could choose whether they were going to exchange their gifts. Whatever their choice was, the moment students received gifts must be full of expectation and happiness.

Students were overjoyed when they saw Kumamon ?which ?dressed by a campus staff. Many students spontaneously stretched their arms and then gave a huge hug to Kumamon.

After the performance and games, students who had been hungry finally got together at table and enjoyed delicate afternoon tea.

Gift 1: CUHKSZ Notebook

Gift 2: Muse Hoodie

Gift 3: Muse Hat?

Even though it was supposed to be the students who had signed up for the Santa Gift Exchange Party could take part in the activity, the Santa Claus was so generous to gave every Muse student on the spot ?one of the above three souvenirs.

The Santa Gift Exchange Party of Muse College ended up with students’ satisfaction of the feast, excitement of gaining gifts and warmth inside for writing notes. There is no doubt that the experience will be a sweet and unforgettable memory for everyone who joined in it. In the end, lets appreciate those staff and volunteers who devoted themselves to the activity behind the scenes. Happy Christmas to all!?


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