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Seeing Stars with Musers

  • Dongli He
  • 2017.3.6
  • News
How time flies! It has been a month since the semester began. Now, all the students have immersed themselves in the intense school life. As the Midterm was around the corner, the considerate staff of the Muse College organized an activity called “Seeing stars with Musers” which was aimed to reduce Musers’ pressure and let them be carefree.

On?March 5, 2017 at round 10 o’clock, the Musers arrived at the Shenzhen Astronomical Observatory under the guidance of the staff of the Muse College. The observatory, which covers 29.7 thousand square meters and is surrounded by mountains and water, has the first comprehensive observation system in China that functions not only as the astronomical station but also the meteorological watch office, provides paid service to impart knowledge in astronomy and combines field observation with e-observation. When everyone had arrived at the observation point which looks like a silver ball at the top of the hill, an astronomy expert invited by the staff of the Muse College started to introduce the Musers to the history of the observatory and abundant knowledge in astronomy. After that, the Musers freely enjoyed the beauty of nature on the winding mountain path and released the pressure caused by the Midterm.

The Musers were walking on the quiet mountain path.

The sky connects the clouds, the waves, and the fog at dawn; as the day slowly gets brighter, thousands of sampans set off.

The Musers were listening to the expositor in the observatory with patience.

On the second leg of the trip, the Musers arrived at the location where Stephen Chow filmed the Mermaid—Yangmeikeng. The mountains and the sea reflected each other; the blue-green water connected with the sky. Look up and you could see the mountains; look down and you could hear the waves—That was the joy of the trip to Yangmeikeng. In such a beautiful spring season, the Musers rode bicycles on the shore. Despite the wind blew in their faces, they didn’t feel cold at all. Everyone faced the wind, listened to the sea, saw the spoondrift, and watched the sea melted into the sky.

How can we not eat seafood since we have come to Yangmeikeng? The Muse College prepared a variety of seafood for the Musers to feast on them.

What a fantastic trip as well as a bunch of cheerful friends and how warm-hearted the staff of the Muse College were. It’s lucky to meet you, my little happiness. ?

?Muse, Always.?


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