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2016 Muse College Sunday Hiking

  • Zhuowen Li
  • 2016.12.12
  • News
With the sun shining brightly in mild winter in CUHK(SZ), together with the teachers from the Muse College Office, the Muse College students went to an excursion. After more than an hour chatting delightedly all the way from the Lower Campus to the Upper Campus on the hill, students finally visited the dormitory of Muse College, the home-to-be. With the initiative to entitle the students to relaxations before the final examination, the hiking offered an opportunity to promote the communications among the students, and to strengthen the ties between the teachers and the students.

Leaded by Dr. Xialin Li, the warden of the Muse College, students marched to the Upper Campus.

Every student wore the Muse College’s exclusive badge.

The dormitory of the Muse College under construction started to emerge.

The students were fascinated to explore the home-to-be little by little.

?The barbecue and the entertainment part was the climax of the excursion.

Musers?feasted well on the barbeque party after the walk.

Running, laughing, shouting, students were having a great time playing games after the barbecue feast.?

The excursion was close to an end with joy and laughter. The Muse College under construction will offer ?students a home with sunshine, greenery, fragrance of flowers, and warbling of birds. Most importantly, when we feast our eyes on the scenery, we also become aware the company of the peers in the Muse College.


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