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SME Students to Attend L’Oréal Brandstorm 2017 Regional Finals

  • 2017.04.07
  • News
On April 7, LGUers, a team composed of Junyi Chen, Wen Deng, and Jiahao Sun and headed by Professor Stella So, won the Innovation Award on L’Oréal Brandstorm 2017 at Shanghai L’Oréal headquarters.

? ? ?On April 7, LGUers, a team composed of Junyi Chen, Wen Deng, and Jiahao Sun and headed by Professor Stella So, won the Innovation Award on L’Oréal Brandstorm 2017 at Shanghai L’Oréal headquarters. Before their victory, they had to beat contestants from Peking University, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, University of International Business and Economics, New York University Shanghai, University of Nottingham Ningbo China, Duke Kunshan University, and University of Macau. They will represent China to attend the Asia-Pacific Regional Finals in May.

LGUers Won Innovation Award

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LGUers Exhibition

Team Who Exhibition

Interactive Promotion

? ? ? ?The competition topic is what technologies are used in men’s products. LUGers had to design posters and pamphlets, set up their exhibition stall, printed their products with 3D printers, and demonstrated their own innovative thinking models. This type of promotion also encompassed interactive digital media and mobile terminals.

Preparing PPT

“We have learned sufficient presentation skills from teachers. That is why our demonstration is packed with fun and innovative ideas.” Junyi Said. “As we spent too much time on the campaign to have enough time to prepare PPT and transcript. In the end, we rushed to present our report CEO of L’Oréal China.” Junyi Continued.

Jiahao believes that CUHK (SZ) students have the best presentation skills in Mainland China. He studied How to Start a Startup and Wearable Future, two courses offered by CIDE, which proved quite useful in boosting practical skills.

Wen Deng attributed their achievements to their excellent presentation skills, solid professional knowledge and good English communication ability.

SME Student Wen Deng at Work

Full Support from Faculty

Professor Stella So flew from Shenzhen to Shanghai to cheer up the team and to give them the last push. She encouraged them to be confident about what they were about to sell.

Wen Deng never met Professor Harry J. Wang until she wished to borrow a projector from him to produce a PPT report. Junyi and Jiahao studied courses of business intelligence and analytics and process management offered by the professor. ?


Comments by Team Who

I have had a better understanding of L’Oréal. I have learned how to apply marketing skills and realized how important logic thinking is.

-Yusi Lei, 2015 SME student

I have never thought we would gained so much. The competition provides a chance to know better about the market for personal care products and factors involved in manufacturing a product.

-Hanwen Wu, 2015 SME student

?I feel grateful for the University to give us the chance and Professor Stella So to make comments after the competition, which are quite useful. I have also learned a lot from other competing teams.

-Chicheng Liu, 2015 SME student.



Comments by Professor Stella So

? ?

Cramming large quantity of data and many surveys into the same page makes your delivery of information less efficient and less effective. I believe the core should be innovative ideas and creativity. Your ideas can be so new and that nobody has ever seen them in market; or they can be breakthroughs. Overall, they have to be practical and feasible. In addition, your must have a comprehensive perspective, considering the relationships between backgrounds and products.

Simply express your thoughts when you stand in the center of the stage. You are an expert. Do not forget to engage the audience with your eyes and make sure they do not doze off.

Finally, do not get depressed if you did not win the championship. To some extent, you are winners, too, as you have had such an amazing opportunity to study and reflect on yourself.

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