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The Vocabulary Contest Award Ceremony

  • 2017.04.28
  • News
In Term 2, the SALL Centre introduced a new activity called the Vocabulary English Table, with the aim of increasing students’ knowledge of active vocabulary. At the end of the term, a Vocabulary Contest was held to mark the conclusion of the activity and for students to check how far they have got in acquiring the new vocabulary items and in their knowledge of English vocabulary in general.

The contest consisted of questions on 50 vocabulary items taken from more than a hundred items introduced in the activity held in the term. The contest was open to all students and some 26 students took the challenge, ranging from graduate students to freshmen coming from all the three Schools of SSE, SME & HSS. Each participant was given 15 minutes to complete the tasks. The contest was challenging, and students who had attended the Vocabulary English Table regularly did exceptionally well.

Ms. Laura Jones-Katz introduced the Vocabulary Contest to the audience at the Award Ceremony.

A total of 9 prizes were given out. In addition to the top 3 prizes, there were 6 consolation prizes offered to those who had done reasonably well. The winners of the Contest again ranged from graduate students to freshmen, from the three Schools of SSE, SME & HSS. The SALL Centre had the honour of Professor Luo, VP (Academic) and Professor Wang, Associate Dean of HSS, to present the prizes to the winners at the Award Ceremony that was held at 2 p.m. on Friday, 28th April, at the SALL Centre.

Professor Luo, VP (Academic) chatted with Dr. Helena Wong and Ms. Laura Jones-Katz at the Award Ceremony.

Professor Luo was speaking to the audience about his support for the SALL Centre.

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