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The First Sports Festival--We Are the Champions

  • 2016.11.21
  • News
The Sports Festival, from November 4th to 18th, 2016, finally came to an end. Students from Diligentia College did a great job in the grand event. Thank you Team of Diligentia College! You are the best!

Two weeks’ Sports Festival finally came to an end. In the orienteering race on November 18th, students from Diligentia Team B won the group 1st prize with an exciting reversal. ?Teams?of Diligentia College and Teams of Shaw College both won the final championship with a total score of 125.

All participants in the event were particularly enthusiastic. Now let's hear some of their words!

Yuancai Sha, winning team member of Plank

and Tug-of-War?and leader of Basketball Team A in Diligentia College

As a participant in the Sports Festival, I seemed to truly find a sense of belonging to my college. Actually, before the competition, I didn’t plank well within 5 minutes and I thought the winners would be among 2 boys and a girl, or 3 boys. However, I found only myself and two other girls competing in the final. After all, a plank less than 5 minutes would be an embarrassment for boys.

I would say that basketball games were my most eager events. Besides “Freshman Cup”, this was my second time to play basketball for glory. I became acquainted with cool senior students and kind Mr. Wang Tawei. I really have to say well done to Shaw College Team A. I think I should pick up practicing after seeing my teammates' amazing performances. I hope that we will still be “Team Hahahaha” in next year's “College Cup” I have truly realized the intimacy between me and my college before the orienteering race when colleges had a gap of only a few points. It turned out that I was able to, with my own efforts, affect or even determine the final results. As a player, and as the chief of basketball club, I would like to extend my gratitude to teachers from colleges and sports department as well as all the clubs preparing for the Sports Festival. You would find numerous messages piling up within half an hour if you didn't respond. And this is a club’s usual. I've seen teachers from the sports department taking pains to prepare the Sports Festival. Thanks for everything you've done!

Gang Fan, the winner of Loop Running and Orienteering

What a wonderful Sports Festival! There were fewer tensions as in high school sports meeting, but more fun in teamwork. I've rarely had such an experience to fight as a team instead of fighting alone. You could be anxious or nervous in your single race but that won't happen in a team. Because you know that there is no big deal with teammates by your side. I'm very happy to have run across nice teammates in both loop running and orienteering races.

Winning?team of?Orienteering?

Orienteering is fun! Jigsaw puzzle, ball shooting, inference questions, three-legged race, finding trees with specific marks...there were new surprises and challenges in every task point. Luckily, we managed to finish every single task without time penalties! --Jingyi Li
I didn't expect to win the race even after crossing the finish line. But my teammates were smart and fast runners so that the entire route was smoothly finished. It was fun during the game. A surprising 1st place might be an icing on the cake for Diligentia College.--Songyue Zhang
I just want to thank my teammates for their wisdom, perseverance, energy and determination, which have made me feel the joy of teamwork. We are a team!!! --Zhiqiang Tang

Lan Ye, chief of Badminton Club, member of the organizer of Badminton games

Besides all the efforts of the sports department and college teachers, every student from the sports union also strived to prepare the event. We started our plan before the Mid-autumn Festival, after which it was revised for several times due to objective limitations. Finally, the enrollment of each event started around midterm exam, when everybody's WeChat was bombarded by all sorts of messages with endless responses like “sorry to trouble you”, “excuse me” or “thank you”. Everyone was indeed exhausted but I think we should be proud and excited to prepare a milestone event of our university. All the exhaustions were worth it! There were many imperfections in this Sports Festival but I hope it can leave everyone a perfect memory!

Yiying Wang, badminton’s runner-up in women's singles

What a spectacular Sports Festival! Freshmen injected so much energy to the court where I could see so many new faces. I look forward to an even better Sports Festival next year!?

Yiyuan Cao, leader of loop running winning team

From making up our mind to enroll loop running race to gathering teammates; from discussing tactics to standing on the field, we were gradually attached to Diligentia College, an aging wine with a mellow fragrance. I remembered the pain when we stepped on the Shiatsu plate for the first time with our shoes and socks off. But we finally managed to cross the hurdle and skip the rope on it because all the pains were replaced by our struggles and determinations of victory. I saw Gang Fan wearing flippers, roller-skating with a fast skim-over. I waited for Chen Zhu, blindfolded, to clap her hand whilst her passing the roadblock. Encouraging voices from senior students now seem to echo in my brain, which reminds me of the striving scene where we cooperated to step forward with a ball in between. Numerous scenes come forth...thank you, my beloved teammates. Hope we can work and fight together next time!

Yujia Lin, table tennis's runner-up in women's singles

Tensions slowly vanished as the game started with more enjoyment left to exchange skills and experiences with my opponents. Thanks to excellent opponents for letting me know my shortcomings. I will work hard on my skills and try to enroll the doubles next year.

Renjie Liu, member of the soccer team

Team Diligentia experienced twist and turns in recruiting and selecting players, ordering team uniform and shin guards and discussing tactics. Despite conflicts and quarrels, we still tried our best on the field, managing to prevent the scores from stretching in the game against Shaw College and enjoying our exciting goals against Muse College. Thanks to all the team members for your efforts as well as your tolerance for me. Special thanks to college teachers for your preparation, your participation, your full-course company and your selfless dedication to our team! ?! See you next year, Diligentia!

A anonymous member of the organizer of orienteering race and a?chief of the outdoor club

Despite numerous deadlines, the orienteering race finally came to an end. We’ve worked hard over the past months. From planning rules and arrangements of the race to decide every single checkpoint, from planning every section to ensuring the entire game process, from planning with few people to the participation and efforts of the entire team, we shouldn't take these hard work for granted. Struggling players were not the only ones worth praising. I saw athletic spirits in every meeting, every copywriting and every volunteer for the Sports Festival. It was because of you that the sports event were full of fun and precious spirits were able to pass on. Thanks to all the participants for your fruitful efforts over the past two?months; thanks to all the volunteers for your firm shoulders supporting the event; thanks to the sports department for your support that drove our original plan into a real action.

?In the 2nd Sports Festival next year, we hope that we can?show even better performances in all the events, such as long running, hurdle running, orienteering and so on.

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