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Fashion Show--Stories between Fashion and LGUers

  • 2016.12.02
  • News
Diligentia College supported the first Fashion Show on campus, in which results of College T-shirt’s ballot unveiled. We hope this 3D printing fashion show would inspire you to think about technology application in daily life.

Acknowledgement: initiator Ann-Sophie Choi, Jiawen Chen, Shiqi Huang and members from our sponsor--Wesign Club.

CHANEL said:"Fashion passes, style remains."
LOUIS VUITTON said:"Inside every story, there is a beautiful journey."
The story between fashion and LGUers
In preparation / Makeup
Rehearsal, catwalk, makeup, step by step
In backstage, it seems they enjoy the fast-tempo and tensioned atmosphere?
The show
Simplicity need ruminate because singleness is unique.
Freely shift between casual and elegant.
?In a silent world, there are only rustle of cloth hem left.
Design Collection?of Diligentia College uniform
The first place: Yue Liang (sophomore from SME)
Hard lines in front side representing “strong”. Broken glasses means the accumulation and dissipation of energy while there are delicate handwriting and flower pattern on the other side, representing “gentle”. There are combination of hard and soft in technology, nature and our lives. Science should backed up with technology and humanity. It is a rigorous principle with unique beauty. An ideal personality should couple hardness with softness, outwardly gentle but inwardly stern.?
The second place: Yaxin Wang (freshman from SME)?
White words have been used on black background for a?strong contract, which represent characteristic of technology. Other four colors light up the graphic letters in simple font.
The third place: Lijie Yan (sophomore from SSE)
The theme is “technology” and design inspiration is “integration technology”. There are symbols on cloth:? Apple for the mobile network represented by iPhone, gears for mechanization, circuit diagram for automation, kernel for digitization, ring and background represent the outer space, satellite means global communication. Imperfect apple means there are untapped potentials in technology development.

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