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The 2nd Master’s Tea

  • 2017.02.20
  • News
On 17th Feb, Diligentia College held the 2nd “Master’s Tea”. Master’s Tea, sponsored by Professor Yang Gu, is a College ritual activity that held every one or two weeks, in which students could enjoy tea time with peers and Dean just like a family, to share their opinions and make a contribution to College’s development.

It was a bright day, sunlight floods in through the window.

Master's Tea

Delegates from RSADC (Resident Student Association of Diligentia College) campaign teams had been invited to discuss the relative issues.?

Among fragment of tea and snacks, students shared their views about college and RSADC: College is a family that consist of teachers, students from different major or academic field. As the representatives of RSADC will act as a channel to connect student and College, help College adapting to students’ demand and guide students to build the culture of Diligentia College. Regarding to issues about living environment, facilities and regulations, Prof.Gu listened patiently and found out feasible solutions with students. Gradually, students were no longer overcautious, raising their opinions freely and politely.

Prof.Gu encouraged students to take an active role in the construction of our university, and introduced the College system, traditions as well as culture in Hong Kong’s university. Prof.Gu wish all students and faculty could build Diligentia College’s brand, characteristics and culture together. Years later, when came back to campus, maybe students had forgot the books they have read or things they went through, while still remember Diligentia College, where they lived togenther. Besides College’ construction and campaign, Prof.Gu raised the topic of being a humble and merciful man --students should accumulate academic knowledge, social practices in university and try something different to develop their untapped potential, then repay to society. As the saying goes: A single spark can start a prairie fire --- Everyone could burning and light up the dark.




Senyue Hao, freshman from SSE

I am very delighted to take part in the Master’s Tea last Friday with teachers and dean. It was a great opportunity for me, an inactive students, to talk with them directly. Dean Gu is a hard-working professor, and a kind mother for us, so do other teachers. I was a little nervous at the beginning while genial dean dispelled my stress. Master’s Tea is a formal activity in form of relaxing afternoon tea and the first time to be there is always unforgettable.?


Jingyi Li, sophomore from SME

I thought Master's Tea would be a serious meeting, while it was out of my imagination. The enthusiasm of Dean and teachers infected us and everyone spoke out freely. College will improve the dormitories in upper campus refer to our suggestions. Looking forwarding to live there! Wish we could Mater’s Tea frequently.?

Yutong Xie, sophomore from SSE

I was impressed by College’s humanistic concern in discussion of life experiences and improvements. Suggestions like “special processing for the doors facing lavatory in new college”, “use chair booties to reduce noisy” are little but mattered things and college will take them into consideration. I cannot help imaging life in Diligentia College, where we will have interesting and meaningful activities. Wish there will be more opportunities like Mater’s Tea and I will try my best to contribute to our ideal college with you all.?

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