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Diligentia Workshop | Flower Arrangement

  • 2017.03.14
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On 10th March, Diligentia College held a flower arrangement workshop, in which students may find the art of floristry and beauties in daily life.

It was a drizzling day in spring, we have professional florists on site,

lending tips about floral arrangement and color matching.

Bouquet: We started with bouquet. Florists picked eustoma grandiflorum, daisy and gardenia, cut their stems diagonally and strip the extra leaves. Place each of the other flowers around the base foliage, turning the bunch slightly in the same direction after you have added each bloom. Add some texture to arrangement by adding in greenery. Wrap it with cellophane (waterproof) first, then colorful wrappers. Tie a French Bowknot -- Finally, a bouquet finished!?

Flower Basket: Symmetrically insert several pink carnations, three champagne roses (focal flower) in floral foam. Insert cape jasmine leaves among flowers’ gap, keeping in mind you should arrange leaves lower than flowers. Then embellish with a pompon mum --- now you have a lovely DIY flower basket.
On-site:??Students make the most of their creativity and imagination with assistance from a florist, matching flowers, leaves and moods they are going for in works.

Students are?focusing on thier?work, appreciating nature’s rhythm from?flowers and leaves.

Artwork Collection

Appraisal Feedback

The first prize

The second prize

The third prize




Danli Wang, freshman from SME
I have stay in campus for a long time, no spring outing even in the bright March. While I missed flower’s fragrance and here came the flower arrangement workshop! Cute florists, stylish bouquet wrapped with newspaper and smells of rose and carnation reminds me the warm spring!??


Yuanfei Guo, sophomore from SSE

Flower arrangement made me felt like I am a girl again! With florists’ guidance, I have done a good job. When you finished the basket filled with colorful carnations and champagne roses, you just understand the word “Hygge” in this plain and hustle life. ?

Chen Liang, freshmen from SSE
I love flowers so much! Flower arrangement is an easy task when you are watching, but it became another story when you are trying. Thanks to everyone’s help, I had a DIY bouquet, finally --- I just cannot believe it! I love Diligentia Workshop!
Yuxin Chen, freshman from SSE
It was the first flower arrangement to me, we could learning useful skills as well as bringing works home. This wonderful activity is the best gift for me now, as I had been struggling in codes for days. Love you all~~
Yuhang Wu, postgraduate from HSS
DIY a flower basket gave me a great sense of fulfillment. Students, teachers and other staffs are friendly and patient. A lovely afternoon \(^o^)/~

Group photo

Flower arrangement salon is an encounter with beauty and happiness.

Just slow down your steps, enjoying the cozy afternoon with us.

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