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The First Formal Dinner of Shaw College

  • 2016.11.25
  • News
With warm atmosphere of Thanksgiving Day, on the evening of November 24, the first formal dinner of Shaw College, CUHK (SZ) kicked off.

With warm atmosphere of Thanksgiving Day, on the evening of November 24, the first formal dinner of Shaw College, CUHK (SZ) kicked off. About 900 students of Shaw College, entered into hall with music, wearing their solemn gowns. Airy hall, neat table and porcelain tableware embodied the atmosphere of dignity and elegance. 22 special guests, including the president of CUHK (SZ) Prof. Yangsheng Xu and the master of Shaw College Prof. Janny Leung, were present. They had an unforgettable Thanksgiving night with students of Shaw College.

In the beginning of formal dinner, Prof. Janny Leung shared her understanding for Thanksgiving Day and her expect for students. As the first college of CUHK (SZ), Shaw College has most students. Prof. Leung said, Thanksgiving Day is the day of family reunion, holding dinner on this day is to familiarize students with each other and unite as family.

Master of Shaw College, CUHK (SZ), Prof. Janny Leung Delivered a Speech

2016 was also the thirtieth anniversary of Shaw College, CUHK (SZ). Ex-master of Shaw College Prof. Wanru Yang delivered a speech in the formal dinner, which shared his stories and experience about life. After finished his undergraduate courses in CUHK geography department, Prof. Wanru Yang studies aboard at Canada and America, and won many prizes and nominations. Prof. Yang said, ‘Career development is hard to program ahead of time, for it will be effected by lots of factors, including personal education, interests, talents, degree of diligence and behavior modes, etc.’ Prof. Yang has ever changed his jobs for 5 times, been to 3 countries and published 54 works. But he confessed that these were all not in his plan. There is always something unpredictable in our lives, which however may be the chance to success. He told students to cherish their undergraduate time using his own experience for conference, wishing they focus on academy, to lay the groundwork for their future.

Ex-Master of Shaw College, CUHK (SZ), Prof. Ruwan Yang Delivered a Speech

Combined with personal experience, Prof. Wanru Yang raised several suggestions for self-improvement in the university. First, learn time management. We will unavoidably be burdened when in a lot of trouble. But time management cannot be taught by university, which means we must learn by ourselves. Second, learn how to make friends in the university and build further social relationship. He told students of Shaw College that, meeting so much friends in college will be a cherished memory many years later. Teenage should learn to build personal character and got friends for lifetime.

When it comes to his knack of efficient work, Prof. Wanru Yang thought it just happened naturally, and owe it to the study in undergraduate. At the end of the speech, Prof. Yang emphasized that our time in university is essential. And except for chances, self-training is also no negligible. He praised our university for its educational environment, equipment and academic atmosphere, thinking our university is ‘the rare school with whole-English education’ he knows. He also wishes students to cherish the presents and make progress constantly, to catch chances under economic transition phase of China and contribute to our country.

President of CUHK (SZ) Prof. Yangsheng Xu Gave Presents to Prof. Ruwan Yang

After the speech of Prof. Wanru Yang finished, Prof. Bozhong Cheng proposed his toast. Prof. Bozhong Cheng expressed his wish to Shaw College, and toasted in the name of Shaw College, CUHK (SZ).

Ex-Master of Shaw College, CUHK (SZ), Prof. Bozhong Cheng proposed his toast before Formal Dinner

President of CUHK (SZ) Prof. Yangsheng Xu Gave Presents to Prof. Bozhong Cheng

Piano, Violin Show

(Performers: HSS for the class of 2016 Yuhang Wu, SSE for the class of 2015 Yaokai Wang, SME for the class of 2015 Qiyun Li, SME for the class of 2015 Yating Leung)

Formal Dinner started with the melody of violin and piano. Students forgot the difference of region, culture and age, and started talking to others. For students in Shaw College, this is not only a Thanksgiving dinner, but also the close communication with professors. And this exactly shows our motto ‘Combine?tradition with modernity; Bring together China and the West’. When dinner was getting closer, professors, guests same to high table and toasted to students.

International Students, Exchange Students and Chinese Students were Taking Photos

At about 8 pm, formal dinner ended in a warm atmosphere. Having a nice dinner, students reluctantly left the hall. Most of students took photos in the hall as souvenirs, to remember this unforgettable moment and wonderful night.

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