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SFI New-Site Unveiling Ceremony and Forum on Bay Area Development and Economy of China

  • 2017.12.26
  • News
Shenzhen Finance Institute officially unveiled its new site in Futian District International Innovation Center on December 14, and successfully held the SFI Forum on Bay Area Development and China's Economy at the new site.

On December 14, the SFI Forum on Bay Area Development and China's Economy and the new-site unveiling ceremony of Shenzhen Finance Institute was held at Futian District International Innovation Center, the new location of Shenzhen Finance Institute(SFI). Attending the new-site unveiling ceremony were Prof. Xu Yangsheng, President of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Council Member of SFI?,Prof. Lau Juen-yee, Vice Chairman of Subcommittee of Economics of National Committee of Chinese People’s Consultative Conference and Council Chairman of SFI , Prof. Xiong Wei, Dean of SFI and Professor of Princeton University, Ma Boyin, Deputy Secretary General of Shenzhen Municipal Government, Wang Xindong, Deputy Director of Shenzhen Municipal Government Financial Services Office and Liu Zhiyong, Deputy Director of Futian District, Shenzhen. Meanwhile, Council members of SFI, delegates of Finance Commission of Shenzhen Municipality, Shenzhen Education Bureau, The Authority of Qianhai, other financial institutions, and professors and alumni of CUHK also witnessed the ceremony.


President of CUHK-Shenzhen, Prof. Yangsheng Xu said Shenzhen Finance Institute is an international financial research institution set up by the University with the support and authorization of the Shenzhen Municipal Government. The significance of establishing SFI lies in two aspects. First, as an international financial metropolis, Shenzhen needs its own research institute to cultivate international financial professionals of high standard. Second, as a pioneer of China's innovative economy Shenzhen needs its own research platform to study the principles, policies, laws and regulations and financial institutions of the country. The establishment of SFI is crucial to the reform and opening up of Shenzhen and even the country.

Remark by President Xu Yangsheng, Academician of The Chinese Academy of Engineering?


After four years of efforts, CUHK-Shenzhen has achieved initial success. The University’s admission score of college entrance examination has become the highest among universities in Guangdong Province for two consecutive years. This year, many outstanding students, including the top scorer of science in Guangdong and the second top scorer of science in Fujian, as well as prominent international students, were attracted by CUHK-Shenzhen. The University offers international education supported by top-tier faculty. The majority of students can sign up for different programs for overseas communication and can continue their study in universities including Columbia University, University of Michigan and University of Minnesota. President Xu summed up the philosophy of the University as "enthusiasm shapes a centennial university; eternal reputation goes with sustained conscience". President Xu believes that we need to build the centennial university with immense enthusiasm. It is particularly important to establish the University’s brand as education is a career of conscience, which must be taken seriously.

Speech by Professor Xiong Wei, Dean of SFI, Academic Dean of SME


Professor Xiong Wei said that "In response to the strategy of the Greater Bay Area and the call of Shenzhen for becoming an international metropolis and financial center, Shenzhen Finance Institute is committed to cultivating outstanding financial professionals with international perspective. Relying on CUHK-Shenzhen, the institute has opened four full-time MSc programs in finance, economics, accounting and data science as well as a part-time finance program. PhD projects will also be started in due course. ”


Professor Xiong Wei believes that the current Chinese economy is turning from rapid growth to high-quality development. Under the "new era" and "new normal", innovation, development and financial stability are indispensable. Therefore, SFI set up the Macro Financial Stability and Innovation Research Center, Institutional and Capital Market Research Center, Financial Technology and Social Finance Research Center and Economic Data Research Center, and, together with People's Bank of China and Ping An Bank, signed a post-doctoral joint training agreement, with an aim to producing research results of theoretical value and practical significance and promoting financial services to better serve the real economy.


Subsequently, government officials, Prof. Lau, President Xu, and Prof. Xiong jointly unveiled the new site of SFI and took a group photo.

Participating guests (right to left: Xiong Wei, Xu Yangsheng, Lau Juen-yee, Ma Boyin, Wang Xindong, Liu Zhiyong)


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