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Teachers and Students of C.W. Chu College Visited Shenzhen Campus

  • 2015.05.07
  • News
On May 5, around 10 teachers and students of C.W. Chu College headed by Prof. Kenneth Young, Master of the college, visited the Shenzhen campus.

On May 5, around 10 teachers and students of C.W. Chu College headed by Prof. Kenneth Young, Master of the college, visited the Shenzhen campus.

After touring around the campus, the visitors listened to a report on condition of the University prepared by Mr. YUEN.K.C, Vice President (Administration). They learned about its development in the past year, students’ study and life and discussed issues concerning the collegiate system, a hallmark of The Chinese University of Hong Kong that has been transplanted to the Shenzhen campus. The system emphasizes all-round development of a person and provides various study opportunities. The first college building on the Shenzhen campus is under construction. Furthermore, the University has also set up a college planning office and provided intellectual and logistics support through a preparation committee composed of experts. The first college is fortunate to have received the last donation from Sir Run Run Shaw and will be named Shaw College in honor of the philanthropist.

After talking with the guests, the students on the Shenzhen campus gained a better understanding the collegiate system. Prof. Kenneth Young, a member of the Governing Board of the University and the College Planning Advisory Committee, is experienced in teaching research and college administration. He believed that such exchange promoted a better understanding among students from both campuses, presented a clear picture of the collegiate system and would have good influence on their growth.

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Collegiate System: a college is a small community where teachers and students closely interact and peer students grow hand in hand. Every college is distinctive and has its own culture. But all colleges combined together present an overall spiritual and ideological outlook of a university.

Colleges have dorms, dining halls and other facilities. A person’s all round development is the focus and various activities enrich the students’ life, including overseas exchanges, seminars, community services, trainings of language, information technology and leadership as well as other extracurricular activities held by student societies and clubs. Colleges provide an alternative training to regular programmes with a view to boosting students’ interpersonal skills, raising the level of their cultural taste and building their confidence and responsibility. Students will be able to develop their full potential.



C.W. Chu College was founded in 2007 with private donations. It aims at creating a novel college experience for its students on a fully residential and communal dining basis. Situated at the Campus Circuit North, it accommodates 300 students, and operations began in 2012.

Prof. Kenneth Young, Master of C.W. Chu College:
"As we look back to the late Dr. C.W. Chu whose shining example has inspired this endeavour, and as we look forward to the day when teenagers will join the College, to the day when they emerge ready to contribute to society as young adults, we are conscious of the tradition and values upon which we build, and of the immense potentialities that are open to future members of the College."

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