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2018 Graduation Banquet of Diligentia College

  • 2018.05.09
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In 2018, the graduation banquet of Diligentia College was held to create the unforgettable memories for our graduates.

At this moment, there are songs and dances, food, tears and laughter, which are the most precious moments and memories. Professor Gu and Professor Zhu were delivering wishes to students with confidence and hope for the batch of graduates. With the songs, the graduates put their wines together and expressed their happiness and sadness. The beautiful and majestic university life for four years was like a precious film and displayed in front of all people.

He remembered a lesson when the students did not know why they laughed. The white fluorescent lamp dissipates into a pixel-like light in this golden ballroom. With the duet of guitar and violin, the sweet cake and fish, there are a lot of memories, blessings, and hopes. In 2018, the graduation banquet of Diligentia College was held on April 22 at 18:00 PM.?Right at the beginning, while one of the performers YU Wuchen on the platform strummed the strings of the guitar, the other HUANG Yaokai under the stage held the violin vividly. In the tacit cooperation of the two people, the light and music flowed out from the string…

Then we played a video that was shot by students who was about to graduate. In the video, they talked about their unforgettable memory in the university, blessings for schoolmates, and best wishes to the Diligentia College and the younger students. At the end of the video, our “mother”—Professor GU Yang, the Master of Diligentia College, debuted in surprise—and express her wishes in English with a gentle voice to students. The video ended with the words of Master GU Yang, “Congratulations and thank you very much.” The main topic of the dinner was to send wishes to the graduates. What time is your summer vacation? Will you be back next year? It won't be next year but in a few years. “Reminder to bring glory to your university and college”, as our Master GU said, “Since our students are about to embark on a job or go to overseas to study and will use more English, I will speak with everyone today in the mother tongue.”

At the end of the video, Master GU Yang said, “Really, I don’t want to say goodbye to you.” As the first batch of students, you’ve been living and studying on a developing campus, which means that all privileges at the university are not yet available, although you have received professional knowledge and have been educated by the College. You are now grown up. The college and the school must let you fly away, let you explore on yourself the high “mountains” of life. I would like to thank our wardens, tutors, and office colleagues. We would also like to thank Vice-President ZHU Shiping, who has been helping us to sort out everything from the start-up of our college. When Prof. ZHU Shiping was invited to be the president of our university, he originally intended to do “big things”, but he also worked tirelessly in the face of such “small things” as dealing with typhoons. There was a strong typhoon at the beginning of the last semester. Together with our office staff, President ZHU checked the doors and windows of each room. Master GU wanted to talk further, while President ZHU waved his hand and said, “it’s not a big deal, let’s move on”. All in all, I would like to congratulate our graduates and hope that all students will bring glory to themselves, schools, and colleges by working hard.

“Be open-minded and enjoy the process”, as President ZHU’s said. His speech has always been lively and humorous. At first, President ZHU asked Master GU, "How long has it been for me? Ten minutes? Well, I mean five minutes is not enough." Then President ZHU continued his speech, "you are the ‘first child’ of the university. Everyone knows that the first child of the family is the precious one. Be the first family's baby means that you ought to face much bitterness than other kids. It is you who 'created' the university. In other words, you are the boss, since you witnessed the development of our university in different perspectives. "I have recently visited 18 provinces and cities, and more than 70 high schools have started enrollment. We have taught many scientific lectures on secondary schools, talked about our schools and universities." President ZHU said that to students form three points. Firstly, it is not a pity to forget any course or knowledge in the future. What is important is "the ability to learn." If so, we must maintain and develop our learning ability. Secondly, we must maintain an open mind. Third, we must enjoy the process. "The meaning of our university’s motto is well known to all, ‘Through Learning and Temperance to Virtue’ that is to say, we must be kind and to contribute to the community.” The truth of the world is like Newton's mechanics theorem. Just like the Force and Reaction, if we treat people kindly, and they will do the same for us. It is said that teachers are selfless, it is true, but teachers also hope that students will not forget the teacher and always go home to see us.

Student performer JIANG Yang Yadi sang “Let Me Stay by Your Side” and LI Qihang played guitar. "The tiny me, hold a big dream." The song was powerful and touched the hearts of people. At the graduation dinner, there are full of tears and laughter.?

LAN Yilan and WANG Zeyu spoke as student representatives. LAN Yilan said, "it is amazing of the power of saying 'yes!'." Although it is always fearful and wants to be rejected at the very beginning, however, when you are determined to say “yes”, you are about to jump out of the comfort zone. Student WANG Zeyu mentioned the answer to “how to live a significant university life” for at least four years without regret. What is it then? His answers would be "follow your heart" and "cherish everything". What they are talking about is a reflection of university life. It is also a collective expression of their peers’. It reminds us to think of the deadline (so-called “DDL”) of our assignment, which doesn't shift with our will and accompanied us for years. However, just right at this moment, we finally understand that the DDL means hard-working and courage.


At the end of the dinner. We took various kinds of group photos and selfies. I hope this is a grand and happy moment. At the dinner, we happily recalled the unforgettable life in Diligentia College and our friends. We have received many wishes and good words. Wish you a bright future, lovely home, and great success in the workplace.

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