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2018 Diligentia College New Year’s Party: Thank You for Being with Us

  • 2018.02.15
  • News
On February 3, 2018, RSADC organized a New Year's Party with the theme of “Thank You for Being with Us” at Li Wen Building. A total of more than 200 teachers and students was gathering to celebrate the upcoming 2018 Spring Festival.

The New Year is around the corner. It means that the Spring Festival is coming soon. ?RSADC prepared the New Year's Party as a gift for Diligentia students. There were many traditional and fabulous plays with modern technological innovations.

Free Duke Band performed their original song, called Dissect Myself, the other three songs came as follows, namely, Creep, My Iron Lung, and Lithium. Although it may be the last time that the Free Duke Band performed together in this semester, the memory will always be indelible. After that, the Dance Club and Wushu Association Club showed us youthful and vivid performances.

What a surprise, Master Gu’s VCR was so warm-hearted. Diligentia College is always like a home for our students. The most exciting moment must be wining the prize during the midfield.?

The drama brought by the Drama Club was wonderful and meaningful, while the Opera Face Off was so charming and amazing. The party ended up with a song brought by the Han Yi Club. Nevertheless, there are many unforgettable performances brought by the Painting Club, Manual Club, and Magic Club. The tea break was also very delicious! We could see that the RSADC was working so hard for this party!


Students’ Feedback

The Diligentia Spring Festival hosted by RSADC is an opportunity for us to learn and grow up. Maybe there are regrets or pities in the process, but there was more of precious memory. During the preparations for this party, we were inevitably faced with problems, but the senior students brought us the power of an example and led us to complete one task after the other. The teamwork was full of happiness!

SHEN Xiaoshi (2017 School of Economics and Management, Diligentia College)


Although it was the tea break that draws me there, I found that it was worthwhile after all. It must be said that every activity was full?of cultural traditions. Those traditional plays used to appear in the book, occasionally on the TV, but this time, it was right there in front of my eyes. It was thought that innovative activities were timely, but it is now found that tradition is actually much more powerful.

GE Ting (2017 2017 School of Economics and Management, Diligentia College)


I was very surprised to hear about the party. Fortunately, the party ended up good. The teachers and classmates all thumbed up. It motivated Diligentia students the most. I love all the performances of each association, organization and club, including Free Duke Band, Dance Club, Wushu Association Club. The traditional performances were very interesting, especially the Face Off. It is hoped that Master Gu's message and this party will bring warmth to our students in welcoming the bright New Year.

XU Yangyang (2016 School of Economics and Management, Diligentia College)


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