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Review | Economics Alumni Conference in Asia

  • 2018.10.23
  • News
Shenzhen Finance Institute (SFI), The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen (CUHK-Shenzhen), and University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW-Madison) jointly held “Economics Alumni Conference in Asia”.

Oct. 13, 2018, Shenzhen Finance Institute (SFI), The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen (CUHK-Shenzhen), and University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW-Madison) jointly held “Economics Alumni Conference in Asia”. Before the conference, they have welcomed the first batch of students of economics master program.

UW-Madison, located in Madison, the capital of Wisconsin state of United States, is one of the most prestigious public research universities in the world and well-recognized as “the Public Ivy”. Their economics department has high reputation and is ranked number 12 on the list of postgraduates Economics Department of U.S. News. Most of their graduates from economics work at world-top finance institutes, international companies, government authorities, such as Federal Reserve, IMF, U.S. Institute of Economic Research Association of Consulting Company, Freddie Mac, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and etc.

Prof. Jian Wang, Assistant Dean of CUHK-Shenzhen School of Management and Economics and Director of Macro-finance Stability and Innovation Research Center of SFI, and Prof. Xiao Wang from school of management, University of Science and Technology of China, initiated the conference. They had invited many peers to share their research outcomes in the field of economics with others. Prof. Charles Engel of UW-Madison with his alumnae shared 10 papers in their research areas in the conference.?????

1. Faculty presentation: Charles Engel

Implementable Rules for International Monetary Policy Coordination

2. Binzhen Wu, Tsinghua University

Transportation Infrastructure and Local Government Taxation

3. Chao He, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

Monetary Interventions, Financial Frictions, and Liquidity Traps

4. Ping Yu, The University of Hong Kong

Control Function Approaches in Threshold Regression with Endogeneity

5. Shengjie Hong, Tsinghua University

Identification and Estimation of Multi-Period Simple Contracts

Discussant: Wei Song, Xiamen University

6. Zhiguo Xiao, Fudan University

Industrial Policy, Technological Change, and Productivity Growth: Evidence from China

7. Xiao Wang, University of Science and Technology of China

The Effect of Trade Liberalization on Internal Migration: Evidence from China

8. Jason Wu, Hong Kong Monetary Authority

The Dilemma and International Macroprudential Policy: Is Capital Flow Management Effective?

9. Man-Wah Cheung, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

On the Probabilistic Transmission of Continuous Cultural Traits

10. Hsuan-Chih (Luke) Lin, Academia Sinica

College Loans and Post-schooling Skill Accumulation

The day before the conference, Prof. Charles Engel met the new students of economics master program and undergraduates of School of Management and Economics of CUHK-Shenzhen. He and Prof. Jian Wang introduced the study, life and career of students in UW-Madison and also explained in details the program of economics master.

In the autumn of 2018, CUHK-Shenzhen with UW-Madison launched the economics master program. The first batch of students has begun studying in SFI and will go to UW-Madison in the next two semesters. After they have completed 21 credits abroad, they will return to SFI to complete the rest of courses. The students can receive education from world-class economists in top-notch universities in the US. They can also learn through classes and internships at Shenzhen, close to business practices in the real world and get a deep understanding on the relevant theories and practices about China’s economy and finance market.

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