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The Third Diligentia Golf: The Friendship Built on Small White Balls

  • 2018.10.16
  • News
On October 13, 2018, students from Diligentia College and Chung Chi College participated in the third Diligentia golf activity. They walked around the campus, visited the library, and eventually went to the Genzon Golf Course. Golf is an activity for gentlemen which requires patience and speed. Also, it represents the beginning and continuance of friendship.

A 46-gram small white ball, is a few centimeters above the ground. Choices of golf clubs range from iron, wooden, to iron wooden ones. Then to aim at the golf ball with a diameter of only five centimeters, and consider the stroke point and the force path carefully. The putting green is like a soft cake made from patience so as to let the ball roll smoothly. The green grass and rolling hills form the green horizon which borders the blue sky. This scenery reminds people of Scotland where golf originated from. The goal is higher, farther and more accurate, drawing a beautiful parabola in the air. Loud noise is not allowed in the field, and to protect delicate lawn soft shoes are necessary. With three or five friends in formal dress, people enjoy the game for two to three hours. Golf is an activity for gentlemen which requires patience and speed. Also, it represents the establishment and continuance of friendship.

Campus visit

Students from Chung Chi College arrived at CUHKSZ on Saturday morning at 10: 00 a.m.. With students from Diligentia College, they had a short but pleasant campus tour from the indoor stadium to the university library. Two college students came to know each other and introduced their campus life in Shenzhen and Sha Tin respectively.

At the university library, with Mr. Sun’s guidance, students visited the library wall, the library of the principle, the reading room and other functional areas. Some students commented:“ Decoration is modern and fancy, and some are of high-quality, representing the university image of succession”. Together they had lunch at Pandora, and randomly became? partnered with each other. With the active atmosphere, the golf tour started.

Golf Exercise

Same as previous Diligentia Golf, it was still in Genzon Golf Course. Diligentia Golf mainly focused on enlightenment, fun, and experience, but also there was professional instructions and responsible coaches helping lay the foundation for everybody. First of all, in the indoor golf academy, students learned about the origin of golf, basic appliances, venues, rules and so on. Then they did worm-up activities.

After these preparations, students finally set foot on the golf course. During the one-hour grouping practice, the sun can not hold back the students' enthusiasm for the high ball. From imitation to hitting successfully by themselves, students made much progress. They must be full of sense of achievement.

The group competition was full of surprises. Although some students did not do well, some played a high-distance ball which easily can be seen. The Third Diligentia Golf was a wonderful journey that for the students of Chung Chi College. The victory of the team “snow flake” marked a great end.


Student Feedback

I am very happy to be able to participate in the activities of golf with the students of Chung Chi College. In the college at Genzon Golf Course, we first learned the basic knowledge of golf, and then the coach taught us how to play, the position of the lever, and the key points. Although the theory sounds simple, it's still hard to practice. At first, I was always in the wrong direction, waving an empty rod. The coach was patient to teach and encouraged me. Rome is not built in one day. Of course, this activity was more about feeling the fun of the sport and communicating with classmates. During this event, we talked with each other about the life and learning experience of our colleges respectively. We had a happy day together and thanked Diligentia college for providing this valuable opportunity. Hope more activities like this are available.

An Ning, Postgraduate student, Diligentia College


I am honored to be able to participate in this golf exchange day in CUHKSZ. I also met many friends from Diligentia College. Although we only got alone with each other in one day, it felt like we've known each other for a long time! Hope we can have more opportunities for exchange activities, and welcome you to visit the campus in Sha Tin. Glad to see you!

Wang Sibei, Year 2019, Chung Chi College


It’s my first time to play golf. The coach taught us a lot, and the practice process was going on smoothly. Members of the group were also trying very hard. We and the students from Chung Chi College talked a lot, from the university to higher institutions and ?work. Hope that there will be more exchange activities.

Wang Menghe, Year 2020, Diligentia College


It was a sunny day. Together with classmates from Chung Chi College, we visited CUHKSZ. I am very happy to have the opportunity to learn golf and make new friends to share interesting things in our daily life. I am very grateful to the college for organizing this activity. Hope to see them next time.

Yang Boxuan, Year 2020, Chung Chi College

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