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The 13th Diligentia Potluck Party: Desserts of the Autumn

  • 2018.10.22
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On October 19, 2018, the 13th Diligentia Potluck Party: Desserts of the Autumn began in a relaxed atmosphere. Under the guidance of the pastry chef of desserts, the students were eager to make their own desserts.

With the intimate narration of the three masters, the 13th Diligentia Potluck Party had started. At 2:30 in the afternoon, the students were sitting together, and materials and snacks were prepared in front of them.

The Story of Banji

Banji is a kind of pancake, which is a transliteration of Cantonese. On the display stand, the master demonstrated the making of the Banji, adding sugar and water, stirring constantly until it turned golden. The master also explained the processing method of syrup and instructed everyone how to cut mango with a knife. The students could hardly wait to try by themselves. The mango pulp bloomed like a flower, as if it was a piece of art, and it was reluctant to eat it. Put a spoonful of paste evenly in the pan, and then heated it on the stove until both sides were dry and slidable. The golden Banji was finally on the scene. The students lined up to experience this process, busy and happy.

Squeeze a cream and smear a mango, combined with a touch of durian jam, a few bananas, then roll it together, and you can enjoy the delicious Banji. Although the process seemed very simple, the ambitious students made a variety of shapes like buns, ingots, cakes, or even some indescribable and unformed work. No matter how strange the shapes were, the students still enjoyed eating their own desserts.

The Story of Chilled Mango Sago Cream with Pomelo

Sago, syrup, mango and pomelo with milk stirring, are the materials of Chilled Mango Sago Cream with Pomelo. A student from Wuhan described it as willow catkins flowing in water or a big bowl of cherry porridge. Everyone enjoyed this tasteful beverage and were eager for another cup.

Time passed quickly, and the Potluck Party came to end. The students were still lingering around and raised the goblet to celebrate the autumn. Our sincere thanks went to the three masters, the teachers and the Diligentia College. See you next time!


Students Feedback

Su Shi, the Chinese prominent poet and essayist, once wrote in the late autumn of Hangzhou: “You must remember a year of good scenery is in autumn when everything is orange and green.” And in this autumn afternoon, the dessert made with pomelo, mango, banana and durian was enough for people to remember for a long time. It was the second time I attended the Potluck Party, and I made Banji and beverage under the guidance of the pastry chef, seeing that these desserts were born from the most common raw materials. Although my making process was not perfect. The surprise and joy rose from in my heart.

Zhang Yingping, Class of 2022,SSE,Diligentia College


I missed the Potluck Party last time, and I seized the opportunity to attend it this time. After carefully observing the demonstration, we also started to making Banji and Chilled Mango Sago Cream with Pomelo. I was particularly impressed by the process of making fruit Banji. Although the one I made was not as refined as the chef who did the demonstration, but at least, I stuffed a lot of fruit and cream into the Banji, and I really enjoyed it. I was really happy to be able to participate in this event with everyone. The production process was filled with laughter, making the feeling of the Potluck Party even warmer!

Wang Yifan, Class of 2022, SME, Diligentia College


The second Potluck Party in college life ended in the desserts and the laughter of the students. This time I realized that the desserts made by myself? were more delicious than all the desserts I made. I look forward to working with others next time to make more palatable food.

Feng Xianghe, Class of 2022, Diligentia College

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