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Diligentia College Anthem Launching Ceremony

  • 2018.12.15
  • News
On the evening of December 4th, Professor Gu Yang, dean of Diligentia College, Ms. Zhu Yumei, Vice President of Genzon Group, Professor Fan Xitao, dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Professor Ye Lixin, Dean of Harmonia College, and the heads of various administrative departments of the university,the teachers, the tutors and other guests of the college attended the conference. Also, the word author Mr. Fang Wenshan and the songwriter Mr. Zheng Feng were on the scene as well, together with more than 300 teachers and students sitting down on the Sunken Square of Diligentia College to witness the grand opening of the anthem.

The student choir showed up and made their debut of the much-anticipated song named A Window to the World. The choir presented the song perfectly with four voice parts. The performance received full of applause.?

Speaking of the writing process of the anthem, Ms. Zhu, the vice president of Genzon Group, first conveyed the original intention of the Genzon Charity Foundation to sponsor the anthem of Diligentia College. She said that Mr. Deng Xueqin’s expectation for students of the College was to become a “leader of all walks of life”, then the education of the college should not only be limited to the cultivation of knowledge and skills but also hope to bring the students some spiritual values. He believed that the song was a good way for the students to enjoy the culture of the college. When the two authors talked about the production process of the anthem, they all mentioned that they had gone through several more drafts. The anthem now has a sense of strong images blending classical and modern music without losing the value of communication. It is actually the result of many times of communication between the college, Genzon and the two authors. Mr. Fang Wenshan said humorously that due to the repeated revisions, he could even memorize some details about Diligentia College. “It seems that I have become a part of the college”, and Zheng Feng’s tune has gone through about twenty times of adjustment.?For the two authors, the production of the anthem was actually a special experience. Unlike pop music and film soundtrack, it required more energy. The production needs to be in harmony with the educational philosophy of the college. The vivid and solemn anthem that has been sung for a long time had also enriched their “creation experience.”

Ms. Gu Yang said that in the face of the rapid growth of our college students, there is always a feeling of “guilty” brought by regrets. It seems that “good food has not yet been served, but the children of the college will graduate soon and not able to enjoy it.” Therefore, the college always wanted to make a product that can carry the memory of Diligentia College work as soon as possible. On this basis, the anthem as a kind of music during the activities can make the students have a sense of pride, belonging and solemnity, so the college put it on the agenda. The name of the anthem is “A Window to the World”, and the college hopes that it can become a window for young people to see the world.?Regarding the various images in the anthem, Ms. Gu especially proposed the starting point of the collective memory of Daoyuan Building. When the first session of Diligentia college students lived in the buildings of Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology, the office of our college was in Daoyuan Building, thus it became the original memory of everyone. The history of the college is not long, but every bit of what we do is “building a step, making a thousand miles”, but we will build our college culture, and always remember the starting point of the college.

Since accepting the invitation and starting to write the anthem, Mr. Fang Wenshan and Mr. Zheng Feng have come to the campus many times, where they also recalled their youthful experiences in the process. They integrated their feelings and messages for the students into the anthem.?“I hope that the students of Diligentia College will go out of school, whether in the school or off school, successful or fail can hear this song and remember the time at school. They can never forget why they started.” “Dream will encounter setbacks, and the wish may not be realized, but the students are at a very young age. Those ups and downs can bring unexpected scenery, and let us become a ‘person with a story to tell.’” As the host announced the official release of the Diligentia College Anthem, the fireworks sprang up, and everyone present at the scene witnessed this wonderful moment. On behalf of Diligentia College, we would like to thank all the friends who have worked hard to promote the completion of the anthem and hold this press conference.?

Diligentia College has come along receiving countless help and encouragement: the leaders and departments of the university that strongly support the work of the college, and the Genzon Charity Foundation, which is dedicated to assisting the construction of the college and the training of “leadership” talents, The founding master the college, Professor Gu Yang, the teachers and staff of the College, the teachers who worked on the front line of the school every day when the buildings of the college was not completed, and all the Diligentia elves who have contributed to the construction of the college...Since the skyscraper rises from the ground, our current foundation is exactly what they have built with their spirit and hard work. Every inch of expansion and growth reflects pages of the plan book with the satisfied smile on their faces. The coming days will be long. From now on, every Diligentia elf in his four years of college life will hear this anthem, just like the poem of youth. When the key sentences and words appear, the philosophy and charm of the poem will show up. I found the reflection in the cycle of the year and I was deeply grateful in the future for a long time. We are heading to the vast heaven and earth.

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