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2019 New Year Gala

  • 2019.01.16
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It seems that the year of 2018 was gone yesterday. However, the year of 2019 has already arrived for several days. January 13 is the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month. On this special occasion, RSADC organized a New Year Gala for all the teachers and students in CUHKSZ.

On that day, we celebrate the New Year by having congee. As the rhymes singing "boy, boy, don't be gluttonous, Laba welcomes the New Year and we shall have feasts". At this time, the New Year is at the corner.At 18:30, audiences entered the hall on time. With the college song "A Window to the World" ringing in the hall, the party was ready to start.

Vice President Prof. Zhu Shiping was invited to deliver a New Year speech. Prof. Zhu came to the party after getting off the plane. He warmly greeted the students from every grade and sent his New Year wishes to them. Prof. Zhu received laughter and bursts of applause with his witty speech.?

Next, the host interviewed Prof. Gu Yang, the Master of Diligentia College. When answering the question "what impressed you most in 2018", Prof. Gu mentioned three things: first, Diligentia College saw off its first batch of undergraduate students last year. She also expressed her hope for graduates to realize their value and bring honor to the school and college. The second was to thank Mr. Deng and Genzon Public Welfare and Charity Foundation for their strong support of College Song. She hoped that "A window to the world" would become an important part of college culture. Wherever we go, whenever we sing the College Song, we will think of Diligentia College; Third, Diligentia athletes won the title of the sports festival. Prof. Gu congratulated all the students on their attendance and looked forward to their performance next year.?When asked about "the expectations for 2019", Prof. Gu said that the year of 2018 was an important and impressive year. She hoped Diligentia elves can proudly introduce their university to their friends and relatives when they were back to their hometown during the Spring Festival holiday so that more people can witness the construction and development of the university. She said the year 2019 was a brand New Year, and she hoped we can be proud of being a member of Diligentia College and contribute to the development of College. Finally, Master thanked the school and college faculty for their efforts.

Rovetop started the Gala with a song "Stray heart", lighting up the atmosphere; Then an original song Isolated won applause from the audience. After the performance, the band shared the band's experience and achievements in making good use of the function rooms of the college and studying hard on music in the past year. Hope they can bring more original works to us in 2019!

The dance POP/STARS from 4FUN was as wonderful as ever. Thanks for their wonderful performance.?After the hot dance. let's enjoy Chinese traditional dance from Tea&Culture Club and Han Society Club. It showed the ancient state of etiquette. With the music of Guqin, we went back to millennium years ago.?Rumor, the dance from Sustech Club of Southern University of Science and Technology was sexy with strength, lightening up the whole room screaming again and again.?The interesting magic Cramer’s Rule performed by Richard Shen from Tsinghua Magic Club surprised all the audience. Look carefully, don't blink. The next second was the moment to witness a miracle.

It's time for a tea break! At the back of the venue, the audience enjoyed the?delicious dessert and wrote their wishes for the New Year on the wall. Some took part in the game in Wesign Club and enjoyed delicious dumplings and Laba congee provided by Food Research Club.

The performance of Dragons Rising and Tigers Leaping from Martial Art Union was excellent for their vigorous action and everybody cannot help to clapping for it.?Ladies from DK5s Dance Club in Graduate School of Tsinghua University also gave a wonderful performance. Handsome uniform with domineering dance, ladies were the most handsome stars!?The actors from Phantom Drama Club made the audience laugh for their absolutely lifelike shows. And the clever combination of props and background sounds added much fun to the performance.?The melodious music touches the heart. Chris Huang and Beth Xie from Music Union played the violin and electric piano together, which brought us an auditory feast.

Of course, there would be an exciting lucky draw! Three rounds were set up in the New Year Gala. In the first round of lucky draw, eight students became the first batch of koi to win Want Want Package. The prize of the second round of four students was Diligentia fleece. The prize of the final round was Lamy Pikachu, a limited edition of the pen. Happy and excited, they shared their New Year's resolutions with all.??Among them, Wang Yaxuan was called as the best koi. Not only was she chosen for the lucky audience in the magic show, but she also won the prize in the second round of lucky draw. At the same time, she was also a performer of Martial Art Union. When asked about her New Year's resolution, she did not forget her boyfriend. She can be called a life winner with "double harvest for love and career ".

Thanks once more to Rovetop, Han Society Club, Tea&Culture Club, Phantom Drama Club, Martial Art Union, LONGANG, Tsinghua Magic Club, Tsinghua DK5s dance Club, Sustech Dance Club of South University of Science and Technology, Wesign Club, Food Research, Shaw College etc.. (in no particular order)

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