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Diligentia Phantom Drama Festival

  • 2019.01.23
  • News
From January 18th to 20th, 2019, in order to promote the drama and let more people understand and love this unique stage art, Diligentia College and the Phantom Club held the first Diligentia Phantom Drama Festival. Xipu Musical Club from Xi’an Jiaotong–Liverpool University and the well-known professor in drama areas Mr. XIA Xueli from Taiwan also joined the festival to provide more professional guidance for us.

The theme of this festival is “Phantom”, which comes from the switching and blending between reality and fantasy, hoping that students can feel the unique charm of drama and its interwoven with lives.


Flash Mob

The plot of the TV series just reflect your life, and the love and hate that are separated by the screen become clear and touchable. Every turn of the protagonist is likely to meet you, and every line in the story seems to talk to you. You are in front of those passionate and arrogant heroes and are attracted by them. This flash mob is both a warming up of the festival and a close-up for the students to seize the opportunity to watch the drama.

Fair & Opening Ceremony

It was a magical market. Accompanied by the familiar music, slowly stepping into the field, every person was wearing “fancy dresses” and everyone seemed to have entered a different time and space.?The students attending the event was asked a question at the entrance.?In seeking the answer, they walked through one booth after another, e.g. scorpion and mask making, card making, taste test... Interesting and unexpected games were waiting for all the guests.?As the students experienced the games one after another and the points accumulated, they would eventually find the hard-won answer at the end.?In addition to the interesting games, on this fantastic journey, there was another wonderful performance on both sides of the road, attracting people to stop and watch.

Drama Workshop

There are no rehearsals in life, and every second is live broadcast. In the drama workshop, we are fortunate to invite Professor XIA Xueli to help us and tell us about the impromptu drama. The impromptu drama is a kind of performance that really demands “ten minutes on the stage and ten years of hard work of the stage.” The lines and plots played on the stage are the actors' live performances. The attractiveness of impromptu drama are not the detailed scripts compiled in advance, but the “unpredictable” that each individual’s vivid imagination nourishes.

Live Murder Mystery Game

In a royal palace, a strange murder suddenly occurred. The clues are inextricably linked, the truth is confusing, and the suspects have different opinions. Who is lying, and who is committing a big crime? Highly restored scene layout, well-made clue props, and the ups and downs of the story really attract the audience. The chess game scattered on the table, a broken old book on the bookshelf...all of this may be the sword pointing directly at the murderer. From the moment you walk in, you are no longer yourself, but a person in the drama. Following the clues, the detectives and the suspects probe mutually. When everyone is in the game, the boundaries between reality and illusion are intertwined. Velvet paws hide sharp claws. In this game, sometimes you can’t tell the acting and the true feelings. Life is like a play, for it depends on acting. How can such an amazing drama not be applauded?

Closing Ceremony

The closing ceremony of the festival and the annual drama show two high-quality performances for the audience. The students from Xipu Musical Club from Xi’an Jiaotong–Liverpool University have brought a wonderful musical drama Les Miserables. After the opening performance, the annual drama, the traditional program of the Phantom Drama Club, kicked off. The Annual Drama Performance is adapted from the Grammy Award-winning musical, Steven Levenson’s work, Dear Evan Hansen. It tells the story of a young man with social difficulties that inhibit his ability to connect with other people and make friends. He yearns to get out of loneliness and find recognition. Later, he was misunderstood due to a letter and inadvertently became a target for all. He was mistaken for the best friend of a suicidal lonely young man, and thus attracts everyone’s attention and experienced various unexpected situations.

With the development of the plot, the problems surrounding Evan gradually emerged: The mother focuses on her business and pay little attention to him, and his friendship with Jared had many problems. He doesn’t know how to deal with the relationship with Zoe, and though he pays a lot of gratitude to the Cynthia families, he still feels ashamed and uneasy... As the truth emerged step by step, the story comes into a climax, Evan and his friends finally find the courage to face reality and seek out the way to continue their lives.

Dear Evan Hansen is a story more like an old friend, who just sits down and talks to you about the stories of loneliness and warmth. It just wants to tell you that no matter what happens, please believe that warmth and hope are always there.?The festival lasting three days has completed, still making the students linger around. We would like to thank Pro. GU Yang and the teachers of the College for coming to the site to support the annual drama. Our thanks also go to every teacher and student who supported the event. Everyone’s applause and tears are the biggest affirmation of the festival.?We are looking forward to meeting you again in the world of drama.


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