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Upcoming Event | A Day to Say Thank You

  • 2017.03.07
  • Event
International Women's Day (IWD) is celebrated on March 8 every year. On March 8, 2017, Diligentia College has organized an activity for all the staff and students to celebrate the IWD.
"Good night
Wish you good dreams
In every long night
Good night
Hope in every long trip
You are never alone
Unspoken words
may end up with pities,
so speak up as life is not long.
Good night"
Could be the teacher who gives you lectures,
Could be the receptionist who stays at her post every night,
Could be the cleanning lady who is busy around all day,
Could be your mom who is always caring about you.
Or She
Could be a dear friend who is always by your side,
Could be a nice colleague who encourages you when you are down,
Could be a total stranger who lends you a hand when you are in need of help...
Life is short,
and we often squander days without realizing it,
putting things to an endless tomorrow...
If you feel regretful, now it's time to say "Thank you".
Thank you for being around, and...
you brightened my life.
Don't wait for another tomorrow, bring a flower to her and tell her your true grateful feelings.
March 8th is the “International Working Women's Day”, and Diligentia College has prepared 100 sunflowers for all the staff and students. Scan the following QR code to reserve one for your own.
Please leave:
1. Your name
2. Email account
3. The one you wish to give the flower to...
4. Your reason of giving her this flower / the words you would like to tell her.
If successfully reserved, an e-mail would be sent to inform the time and place to collect it.


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