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The Establishment Ceremony of Diligentia College

  • 2016.11.14
  • News
On October 10th, 2016, the establishment ceremony of Diligentia College held in CUHK (SZ).

October 10th of 2016 marks the establishment ceremony of Diligentia College in CUHK (SZ). Many distinguished guests attended this ceremony, including Prof. XU Yangsheng, the president of CUHK (SZ), Mr. Deng Xueqin, the donator of the College, Doctor. Shen Zuqiao, the board chairman of CUHK (SZ) and Dr. Gu Yang, the master of Diligentia College. From then on, Diligentia College is officially established, giving the students of this College an official identity.

As the residential buildings of Diligentia College?are located at the upper ground of CUHK (SZ) and are in between verdurous mountains and clear water, students assigned to this College humorously call themselves "Elves of the mountains", which also demonstrates their strong cohesion. College system is a character of CUHK (SZ); each student belongs to one college with its distinctive culture. Followed by Shaw College, Diligentia College is the second college of CUHK (SZ) established with donations from Genzon Public Welfare Charitable Foundation in Shenzhen.?The spirit of "Giving back to society" is what the students and the College should learn from Mr. Deng Xueqin and his family and GENZON group. President Xu Yangsheng also mentioned the difficulties that Mr. Deng has encountered during his entrepreneurship, and wished for a bright future for all of the students.

Group photo for guests present at the ceremony

Dr. Gu Yang, the master of Diligentia College, Doctor. Shen Zuqiao, the board chairman of CUHK (SZ), Mr. Deng Xueqin, the donator of the College, and Prof. XU Yangsheng, the president of CUHK (SZ) at the establishment ceremony (left to right)

In his address, President Xu said, “ I’d like to encourage all of our students to pass on the entrepreneurial and the pioneer spirits that make the city most proud. If Mr. Deng is the first generation entrepreneur, explorer and practitioner of Shenzhen, I hope the students of Diligentia College can be the second generation and the third to be ahead of times with your openness, inclusiveness and entrepreneurship.”


The role of colleges is to gather students from different majors and cultural background together, breaking the boundaries of their schools and majors to promote communication between teachers and students and to let the students grow with peers.Colleges put emphasis on developing students in an all-round way by providing informal education. Along with professional courses, colleges of CUHK(SZ) aspire to build a stronger teacher-student relationship and encourage them to communicate more often and learn from each other. There will also be many group activities to equip students with soft skills, such as interpersonal relationship, cultural taste, self-confidence and sense of responsibility, to help unleash their potential for growth.?

Mr. Deng has his expectations of Diligentia College from another aspect.?He said, “ I hope to enhance interactions between local enterprises and CUHK (SZ). They are complementary, and thus can achieve mutual development to make positive contributions to the development of Shenzhen. A closer link between a university and a company is mutually beneficial. Both parties can help promote each other to achieve common development. ”


Just like the Silicon Valley and the Stanford University, both of them are the world’s most vibrant and long-standing innovative centers, while the mutual support between the university and enterprises is also important to maintain their vibrancy. Whether the “youngsters”, namely Shenzhen and CUHK (SZ), can find the link to enable education to help promote urban development and urban progress to help the future of education, with gratitude, students of Diligentia College will give the answer through continuous learning.?

The student representative Li Jie gave his speech.

From the student representative of Diligentia College Li Jie’s perspective, students should shoulder the responsibility to treasure the educational resources of Diligentia College, and to respect their identity as a member. He said, “Through hard work and dedication to study, we could learn in this big family how to think, to behave, to seek knowledge and to try to make this world a better place”.?


Students of Diligentia College prepared a gift to Mr. Deng and his family as a token of appreciation. The drawing is a patchwork of individual photos of hundreds of Diligentia College students, meaning to turn individual power into collective energy. Every member of the College will unite together to engage in giving back to the college and to the society in the future.

Moments at the Establishment Ceremony

Group photo for guests present at the ceremony

Students of Diligentia College performing the ensemble of national instruments “full of joy”, the Erhu Ensemble “Spring in the South Yangtze” and the Orchestra hit “Canon”

Students of Diligentia College--DING Ruoxu and MA Siyi serving as host and hostess of the ceremony

Besides, two HSS students of Diligentia College majoring simultaneous interpreting Zeng Qingfeng and Ye Kefei provided the interpreting service for this event.?

Group photo for Diligentia College students

Group photos for dorm mates of Diligentia College

On the day of the establishment ceremony of Diligentia College, guests and students took group photos, and they also appreciated the photo exhibitions called “My Roommates and My Home”. The students?of Diligentia College did wacky poses, equipped with lovely tools, and their smiles were sweet or they showed natural faces. You can feel the various styles and youth of the students.?



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