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Professor Cai Elected to Pearl River Talent Program

  • 2017.05.19
  • News
Professor Xiaoqiang Cai has recently been elected to 2016 Leading Talent of the Pearl River Talents Plan.

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Professor Xiaoqiang Cai has recently been elected to 2016 Leading Talent of the Pearl River Talent Program.

Professor Cai serves as Associate Vice President and Dean of the School of Science and Engineering of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen (“University”). He is a recipient of the NSFC Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars and Distinguished Expert of the National 1000 Talent Plan.

Professor Cai’s research is mainly in the areas of industrial and systems engineering, optimization, and logistics and supply chain management. He has made world-leading achievements in scheduling theory and its applications, supply chain management, investment portfolio optimization. He has authored four books, published over 200 papers, including over 100 papers in leading journals. He has undertaken or participated in more than 20 major research projects, and his research achievements have produced significant economic benefits for industries. Concurrently, he has served as a member or a standing councilor of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management, Operations Research Society of China Scheduling Committee, Systems Engineering Society of China, and Decision Science Society of China. For many years, he has served as the Chairman of Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, building it into one of the strongest departments in management science and engineering in Asia-Pacific region.?

The Leading Talent Program of Guangdong Province was launched in 2008, aiming at the introduction of academicians of China Academy of Sciences, China Academy of Engineering or chief scientists of equivalent rankings undertaking provincial key technology projects, or chief engineering technology experts or management experts of key engineering projects. Professor Tom Luo, Vice President (Academics) of the University and Academician of the Royal Society of Canada, has been elected to Leading Talent of this program in 2015.

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