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CUHK (SZ) SME Students Excelled in OVAL International Business

  • 2016.08.30
  • News
CUHK (SZ) SME Students won the third prize in the OVAL International Business Contest for Students in August, 2016.

????????????????????????????Team led by Lu Tang won the third prize

? ? ? The OVAL International Business Contest for Students finals ended in Beijing?in this August. Ten freshmen and sophomores from School of Management and Economics, CUHK(SZ) (Lu Tang, Wei Wan, Haoran Ying, Chichen Liu, Binhe Xie, Yilan Lan, Zhixuan Li, Junyi Huang, Hanlei Gan and Zhidan Wang), along with another twenty elite students from famous universities in China, competed with thirty Japanese students and thirty Korean students in the finals for six days. Two students from CUHK (SZ) made to the six finalists. Sophomore student Lu Tang won the third prize?and freshman student Zhidan Wang was awarded with the Best Contestant.

? ? ? These?ninety final contestants, students from China, South Korea and Japan,?were divided into 30 teams. Each team consists of one Chinese, one Korean and one Japanese. In the final, students in CUHK (SZ) showed great leadership, and?skills?of coordination and professional knowledge. They completed the task with their team members with solidarity, composure and confidence. Their performance deeply impressed the judges at the scene.

? ? ? One?third?of all the Chinese competitors who made it to the final?were freshmen and sophomores from School of Management and Economics at CUHK (SZ) (10 students). The two teams led by sophomore student Lu Tang and freshman student Zhidan Wang respectively ?made?it?to the six finalists?as they stood out from many junior and senior students from famous universities?home and abroad. Finally, the team led by Lu Tang won the third place and Zhidan Wang was awarded with?the Best Contestant.

???????????Zhidan Wang (first from the right) and her team members

? ? ? ?OVAL International Business Contest for Students is a non-profit cultural exchange program started and independently run by college students from China, Japan and Korea. Its aim is for elite students from different countries to?respect and trust each other, boost their ability?of intercultural collaboration , acquire international vision so as to?become young?leaders.

????????????????????????????????????????Wei Wan and his team members

? ? ? Contestants from School of Management and Economics, CUHK(SZ) have?impressed the judges and fellow students?with their professional knowledge, comprehensive abilities?and their excellent performance. Congratulation on all students of CUHKSZ who had great performance at the 14th OVAL.


Group photos of competitors of CUHKSZ and their team members


Winner Information


Lu Tang won the third prize of the 14th?OVAL.She graduated from Jingzhou High School in Hubei Province. As a sophomore student of School of Management and Economics, CUHK (SZ)?She now majors in Global Supply Chain and Logistics Management. She will exchange to Copenhagen Business School in Denmark, University of British Columbia in Canada respectively this year and next year.


Zhidan Wang?made it into the top 6 and won the Best Contestant. She?graduated from Taizhou No.1 High School, Zhejiang Province. She is a freshman student of class 2015,?School of Management and Economics. She now majors in Finance. She has actively involved?in Speech Club activities and several business competitions.



Competition Reflections


Yilan Lan?was one of few Chinese sophomore students who excelled from many junior and senior students. For her, OVAL International Business Contest for Students is not just about designing and working on a business plan with peers from Japan and Korea, it’s?rather an opportunity for cultural?exchange.


“As a Finance student, my original career?plan?is the financial industry. However,?the competition makes me realize that?the talents China really needs are people in the creative fields.?Through competition, I have noticed that Chinese students?show good mastery of English, and we are more practical and goal-oriented?while Japanese and Korean students’?inspiring and creative thoughts also astonish me.”?Yilan believed?the social value of a good idea could trigger something much better than our expectation. “Despite different?nationalities and experience we have , we contestants share similar value and culture background.”?Yilan said. ?

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