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Medical Insurance?


For the full-time international students, the university will organize buying Shenzhen university student medical insurance together with the local students, at the beginning of each academic year.
Medical fees (the deductible should be deducted) listed in Shenzhen university student medical insurance can be reimbursed according to fixed proportion. ?
* The exchange students are strongly suggested to purchase medical insurance and personal ? ? accidental death and injury insurance in their home country, with international coverage.

The insurance costs 197.16 RMB/year. To ensure the smooth application of the medical insurance, students should make sure their bank balance (the bank card refers to the one registered for paying for the medical insurance) is more than 208 RMB during October 12 to December 30 in the first semester.

Having applied for Shenzhen university student medical insurance successfully, the insured students will get a medical insurance card, which enables them hospitalize in the chosen designated community health centre. The insured students are suggested to choose the clinic of CUHK (SZ), located on 1/F, Zhi Ren Building, so as to accept medical assistance conveniently. They can go to the clinic directly to process the formalities.?
* The insured who needs to be hospitalized or is with serious disease and needs outpatient service shall first get a transfer certificate from the designated community health centre they have chosen.

For enquires or medical insurance claim, please contact Mr. Martin Ma from OSA:
Office: Room 311, Zhi Ren Building?
Phone: 86 755 8427 3300
* Please be kindly reminded to keep all relevant documents properly which may need for medical insurance claim.

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