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A deep, shallow "chat"

  • 2018.10.16
  • School Life
At the 11th lecture of the Meeting the Intellectuals in the Spring Hills Lecture Series, Director Lam started a chat which is relaxing, amusing and thought-provoking.

At the 11th lecture of?the Meeting the Intellectuals in the Spring Hills Lecture Series, Director Lam started a chat which?is?relaxing, amusing and thought-provoking.

As WeChat dominates most of our daily communication, in this face-to-face chat with Director Lam, he revealed that the reason modern people are scared to chat, is actually due to the fear of being found. It seems to be a paradox that we hope to be understood, but at the same time, we are afraid of it.

It has already been a phenomenon of “together alone”. Taking his works such as “Why We Chat” as an example, Director Lam shared his interpretation of the modern “loneliness” and “solitude”.


【Director Lam interacted with the audience】

For this time, at the 11th lecture of the Meeting the Intellectuals in the Spring Hills Lecture Series, we learnt from Director Lam and his works that the world does not follow the rule of binary opposition. We should not see things in black and white. Instead, chatting can let us experience more than we expected. It opens a window which leads to the mutual understanding of other people and the diverse world.

(Dr. Deng Yangzhou from HSS presented
souvenir to Director Lam)


Speaker Profile

Born in Hong Kong, Edward Lam has been working as screenwriter since middle school. After graduation, he founded their own theatre troupe - Zuni Icosahedron with friends.
During Lam’s residence in London from 1989 to 1995, he established the “Edward Lam Dance Theater” and released several stage shows in London, Brussel, Paris and Hong Kong.?
In 1994, he won the Best Adapted Screenplay Award for “Red Rose White Rose”, directed by Stanley Kwan.
Since returning to Hong Kong in 1995, he has devoted himself to theatre and directed 58?original works.
He has worked with Sylvia Chang, Angelica Lee, David Wang, Rene Liu, Daniel Wu, Ariel Lin, Joseph Chang, Tony Yang, Valen Hsu, Gigi Leung, Cheer Chen and Joe Cheng, etc.?
Lam was awarded the Best Director in Shanghai Modern Drama Valley’s One Drama Award in 2010 for “Man and Woman, War and Peace”, in 2012 for “The Doppelg?nger” and in 2017 for “Dream of the Red Chamber - WHAT IS SEX”.
From 1997 on, Edwards has been enthusiastic about cultural and education services,?working as lecturer for General Education at The?University of Hong Kong, Academy of Film at Hong Kong Baptist University and Liberal Arts at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.
His publication includes: ?“Waiting for Hong Kong” series, “Amuse the Crowds” series and “The beauty of Evil”. All published by Oxford University Press (China) Ltd.
Latest book in 2016 “Who Needs Who-Edward Lam’s Detective Exploration of Heart”.
Latest theatre work “Why We Chat”.

【Meeting the Intellectuals in the Spring Hills】

“Meeting the Intellectuals in the Spring Hills” is one of the University's lecture series where the University will invite social elites in such fields as culture and arts to share with our students in form of salon or lecture to promote a discussion of thought-provoking issues or soul-searching experiences. During the lectures, everyone will have a chance to listen and respond on their world views, their aspirations, and intellectual taste in life.

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