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24 Academic Journal Publications in 2018 from Professors of School of Management and Economics and Shenzhen Finance Institute, CUHK-Shenzhen

  • 2019.01.30
  • News
In 2018, seventeen professors from School of Management and Economics and Shenzhen Finance Institute, CUHK-Shenzhen, have got 24 journal articles published.

In 2018, seventeen professors from School of Management and Economics and Shenzhen Finance Institute, CUHK-Shenzhen, have got 24journal articles published. They are Professors Wei Xiong, Cong Wang, Lixin Ye, Bohui Zhang, Jian Wang, Dan Li, Rui Shen, Hugh Thomas, Haichun Ye, Jinfan Zhang, Xiaojian Zhao, Rui Chen, Bilian Lin, Bin Liu, Zhuang Liu, Xiaoqiao Wang and Emily YiyingZheng.


Academic Dean of School of Management and Economics, Director of Shenzhen Finance Institute, Prof. Wei XIONG

Zheng Song and Wei Xiong (2018).?“Risks in China's Financial System”, Annual Review of Financial Economics, 10, 261-286.


Associate Director of Shenzhen Finance Institute, Prof. Cong WANG

Cong Wang, Fei Xie and Xiangang Xin (2018), “CEO Inside Debt and Accounting Conservatism”, Contemporary Accounting Research, 35(4), p.2131-2159.



Master of Harmonia College, Prof. Lixin YE

Chenglin Zhang, Lixin Ye, Joel Johnson, Christopher Baker and Huaiyi Wang (2018), “Efficient and Optimal Mechanisms with Radio Spectrum Sharing”, International Journal of Industrial Organization, 60, 206-227.


Executive Associate Dean, School of Management and Economics, Prof. Bohui ZHANG

Jiaxing You, Bohui Zhang and Le Zhang (2018). “Who Captures the Power of the Pen?”, The Review of Financial Studies, 31(1), 43-96.


Assistant Dean (Academic), School of Management and Economics, Associate Prof. Jian WANG

Deokwoo Nam and Jian Wang (2018), “Mood Swings and Business Cycles: Evidence from Sign Restrictions”, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, Online Version of Record before inclusion in an issue, Oct 8, 2018.


Associate Prof. Dan Li

Ekkehart Boehmer, Dan Li and Gideon Saar (2018). “The competitive landscape of high-frequency trading firms”, Review of Financial Studies, 31(6), 2227-2276.


Associate Prof. Rui Shen

Qianqian Du and Rui Shen (2018). “Peer performance and earnings management”, Journal of Banking and Finance, 89, 125-137.

Kai Li, Buhui Qiu and Rui Shen (2018). “Organization Capital and Mergers and Acquisitions”, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis,53(4), 1871-1909.


Associate Prof. Hugh Thomas

Hugh Thomas, Andrew Chan, Howard Lam, Andy Wong and Canice Man Ching Kwan, “AmorePacific Hong Kong: Marketing Korean Beauty Products”, Harvard Business Publishing:Case Study,May 2018.


Associate Prof. Haichun Ye

Shu Lin and Haichun Ye (2018). “Foreign Direct Investment, Trade Credit, and Transmission of Global Liquidity Shocks: Evidence from Chinese Manufacturing Firms”, The Review of Financial Studies, 31(1), 206-238.

Shu Lin and Haichun Ye (2018). “The international credit channel of U.S. monetary policy transmission to developing countries: Evidence from trade data”, Journal of Development Economics, 133, 33-41.

Shu Lin, Kang Shi and Haichun Ye (2018). “Exchange rate volatility and trade: The role of credit constraints”, Review of Economic Dynamics,30, 203-222.

Xiaoyi Mu and Haichun Ye (2018). “Towards an Integrated Spot LNG Market: An Interim Assessment”, The Energy Journal,39(1), 211-233.


Associate Prof. Jinfan Zhang

张劲帆,刚健华,钱宗鑫,张龄琰 (2018)。《基于混频向量自回归模型的宏观经济预测》,《金融研究》,2018年07期。


Associate Prof. Xiaojian Zhao

Roberta Dessi and Xiaojian Zhao (2018). “Overconfidence, stability and investments”, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 145(C), 474-494.

Fuhai Hong, Wei Huang and Xiaojian Zhao (2018), “Sunk Cost as a Self-Management Device”, Management Science,published online in articles in advance on Aug 1, 2018.


Assistant Prof. David Rui Chen

Saif Benjaafar, David Rui Chen and Yimin Yu (2018). “Optimal policies for inventory systems with concave ordering costs”, Naval Research Logistics (NRL), 65(4), 291-302.


Assistant Prof. Bilian Lin

Bilian Lin and Xiji Zhu (2018), “Acceptance of Disability and Help-seeking Behaviors: From an Attachment Perspective”, Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings, Volume 2018, No. 1.


Assistant Prof. Bin Liu

Bin Liu, Jingfeng Lu, Ruqu Wang and Jun Zhang (2018). “Optimal prize allocation in contests: The role of negative prizes”, Journal of Economic Theory, 175, 291-317.

Bin Liu and Jingfeng Lu (2018). “Pairing provision price and default remedy: Optimal two‐stage procurement with private R&D efficiency”, RAND Journal of Economics, 49(3), 619-655.


Assistant Prof. Zhuang Liu


Liu Zhuang (2018). “Does Reason Writing Reduce Decision Bias? Experimental Evidence from Judges in China”, The Journal of Legal Studies, 47(1), 83-118.


Assistant Prof. Xiaoqiao Wang

Xiaoqiao Wang, Jin Wang and Lewis Johnson (2018). “Geography and capital structure”, Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences, 35(1), 107-122.


Assistant Prof. Emily Yiying Zheng

Emily Yiying Zheng (2018). “Can technology really help to reduce underage drinking? New evidence on the effects of false ID laws with scanner provisions”, Journal of Health Economics, 57, 102-112.

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