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2/F canteen of Le Tian Building

The 2/F canteen is located on the second floor of Le Tian Building, with 570 square meters and 300 seats.

It mainly offers Hong Kong style cuisine and Chinese cuisine such as: Roast meat in Hong Kong Style; Various chops (pork chop, chicken chop, sirloin steak, T-bone steak, pork chop with bone, French-style lamb chop, grilled eel, basa fillet, etc.); Baked chops with Fried Rice; Beverages (Hong Kong-style milk tea, Taiwan-style milk tea, fruit tea, juice, desserts, coffee, etc.); Lanzhou Hand-pulled noodle & regional noodle; Chinese donburi and Clay pot rice.

The 2/F canteen of Le Tian Building accepts the payment of The Campus Ecard, Alipay, WeChat pay and cash.

Opening Hours: Lunch, 11:00~14:00; Dinner, 17:00~19:30

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