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Music On Top——2017 The Voice of CUHK(SZ)

  • 2017.04.09
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On the evening of April 9, 2017, the third campus singing competition “2017 The Voice of CUHK (SZ): Music on Top” concluded successfully. All six finalists have won over lots of student fans in the university with their distinct characters and unique styles. After fierce competitions, Huang Borui became the champion, while Liuzuo Chaoyang and Xia Dinglin came second and third, respectively.

The six competitors have made it to the final after two-month difficult selections, bringing an audio-visual feast to the audience through excellent group competitions and individual competitions. Their performance includes fresh renditions of songs, a combination of solo and dance, an encore performance by 14 competitors in the semi-final, hot dance by Max Dancing Club, and unaccompanied songs by student band Imavox. Professor Yangsheng Xu, President of CUHK (SZ), and Ms. WONG Shun Chun Dorothy, Director of Administrative Services Office, as well as special guest Robynn & Kendy, one of the top eight in the third Voice of China, witnessed the birth of the best three competitors together with 400 students, teachers, and parents.

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