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Finance Office is responsible for Accounting service, Financial management and Business management for the University, our mission is to build the top international research University and our target is to serve academic activities and the staff of the University, exercising the professional standard of skill, care , integrity and diligence, providing accurate , timely and effective financial management information under the relevant regulations.

Finance Office has built and improved relative internal control system to improve its overall management and accounting service quality through regulating and optimizing various business processes.

To standardize the process and boost the efficiency of procurement,the university must build a sound procurement management system.

Contact Information

Tel:(86)755 8427 3701(Finance Office)

Tel:(86)755 8427 3711(Business Office)


Office hours

8:30~12:00,13:30~17:30(Monday to Friday)

Off duty on weekends and public holidays



Administrative Services Office,510-518, CUHK (SZ)

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